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World Map Times

Map of the World
Landkaart op schaal 1:25.000.000
World Mic
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World Michelin 701

The World
Landkaart van de wereld op schaal 1:28.500.000 met Nationale vlaggen, bevolking, oppervlakte en tijdzones.
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World Upside Down

Wereldkaart Upside Down World Map in Envelope | Hema Maps
De gevouwen versie van de World Upside Down! This map is unlike any other! The orientation is reversed from a standard North on top, South on bottom map. This time, the hemispheres are flip flopped and so are the continents, but still in a readable format (east coasts are west, and west coasts are east). This Pacific-centered map clearly shows all political boundaries and capital cities. This map folds out to 840 x 594 mm. The map is also available as a flat map ($12) that can laminated.