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Beirut Focus


Go for an early morning walk along the Corniche – Beirut’s seaside promenade – and watch as the Mediterranean Sea laps against the rocks while the summits of Mount Lebanon dominate the horizon to the east. Enjoy a strong black coffee here before hitting Hamra to experience Beirut’s bustling commercial side or the old Central District to admire the elegantly restored Ottoman and French-colonial buildings – a demonstration of Beirut’s determination to become the ‘Paris of the East’ once again. Footprintfocus Beirut features practical advice on getting to and around this up-and-coming city, along with fascinating insights into Beirut’s culture and history.

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Damascus Focus


The winding streets and narrow alleyways of Damascus are a maze and getting lost is a mandatory part of any visit. Leave your watch in the hotel as you explore the timeless markets and mosques of The Old City where St Paul was baptized and began his preaching. It’s no wonder that Damascus claims to be oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Footprintfocus Damascus will help you get to grips with the beautiful Umayyad Mosque and the fabulous National Museum while you soak up the city’s renowned hospitality. This concise guide is the perfect companion for anyone wishing to explore this beguiling city.


·         Includes Essentials section with indispensable information on getting around.

·         Features the city’s trendy modern restaurants and cafes as well as the traditional sights.

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Jerusalem Focus

Few cities are as famous, as alluring or as sacred as Jerusalem. Pilgrims have been travelling here for thousands of years, making it one of the first tourist destinations in the world. Even today pilgrims from the three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – journey to Jerusalem to follow in the footsteps of ancient prophets. From the Wailing Wall in the Old City to trendy eateries in both East and West Jerusalem, Footprintfocus Jerusalem provides you with detailed information on the past, present and future of this fascinating city.