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Lonely Planet Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia


The vast stretches ofthe EmptyQuarter, Madain Saleh's archaeological treasures, ultramodern cities, evocative souqs, Red Sea diving and Najran's green mountains - Saudi Arabia offers the excitement and intrigue of the Arabian Nights. Whether you're here to live and work, or just to explore, this definitive guidebook is your essential companion. .

- CONNECT WITH THE CULTURE with our discerning coverage of Saudi Arabia's history and way of life, including a chapter devoted to the Hajj pilgrimage

- SETTLE IN with our Expats chapter, providing insightful and practical information for the visiting worker

- MAKE TRACKS following our coverage of the Empty Quarter and the great outdoors - you choose your

activity and we'll tell you how

- DINE LlKE A PRINCE or savour the delights of street-side restaurants - whether it's a Bedouin feast or a camel

steak you're after, we will direct you to the right table

- GET AROUND using our detailed maps to the Kingdom's main centres and more remote regions



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