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Aconcagua - Cordon del Plata (1:60.000)

Aconcagua Cordon Del Plata
A detailed two sided map with a 1:60,000 scale of Aconcagua on one side and a 1:50,000 scale map or Vallecitos-El Plate on the reverse. Both have English keys.
Aconcagua topo map
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Aconcagua (1:100.000)


Topografische Karte von Aconcagua und der großen Umgebung. Routen von Puente Del Inca und von Punta the Vacas, sind gefärbt.

Aconcagua Topomap 1/50
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Aconcagua (1:50.000)


Topographisches carte von Aconcagua und nahe mit kletterroute.

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Cajon del Maipô

Cajon del Maipo trekking map 1:125,000
1:125,000 travel and trekking map covering the upper Maipo valley southeast of Santiago including Vn. San Jose, Co. Marmoleojo, Langunillas and Banos Colina. Including a full English key sheet and some basic route ideas and descriptions.
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Cordillera Blanca Nord (Peru)

Cordillera Blanca Nord 0/3a - 1/100.000
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Cordillera Blanca Süd (Peru)

Cordillera Blanca Süd 3/ab - 1/100.000
Nevados Toclaraju, Palcaraju, Chinchey, Pucaranra, Chopiranju,Cayesti, Huantsan, Rurec, Uruashraju, Shahuanca, Jarunllasca, Caullarayu
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Cordillera Huayhuash (Peru)

Cordillera Huayhuash 0/3c - 1/50.000
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Cruce a Chile por los Lagos - Monte Tronador ( Argentina -1:125.000)

Cruce a Chile por los Lagos - Monte Tronador

Topographical map with hiking trails.

Including: Volcan Osorno – Lago Todos Los Santos – Villa Margarita – Brazo Blest

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Nevados de Chillan

Nevados de Chillan wandelkaart 1:50.000 Travel & Trekking map
Topografische wandelkaart met hoogtelijnen en toeristische informatie Chili Andes: Nevados de Chillan - Volcan Chillan - Termas de Chillán - Aguas Calientes - Reserva Nacional Nuble - Las Trancas
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Patagonia Trekking map (1/160.000)

Patagonia. Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Perito Moreno Glacer, Torres del Paine
Inka Trail Topo map
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Peru: Inka Trail Machu Picchu (1:50.000)

Inka Trail 

Detailed topographical map with trail, camping sites, toilets, route descriptions in Spanish and English, tourist information, trail profile, colour pictures, and on the other side a roadmap of the region.

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PN Los Alerces (Argentina) 1:120.000

PN Los Alerces

Topographical map with hiking trails.

Including: Villa Futalaufquen – Cordon de las Piramides – cordon Situation – Cerro Torecillas – Lago Rivadavia – Lago Menendez – Lago Amutui Quimei

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San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina) 1:125.000

San Carlos de Bariloche

Topographical map with hiking trails.

Including: Lago Nahuel Huapi – Monte Tronador

Torres del Paine
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Torres del Paine (1:80.000)

Torres del Paine

Trekking map. Satellital view with contour lines. Trails with walking times. Hotels, campsites & shelters.

On this map: Glaciar Dickson - Lago Dickson - Glaciar Grey - Cordillera Paine - Lago Sarmiento de Gamboa - Lago Porteño - Glaciar Balmaceda - Lago del Toro 

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Torres del Paine trekking map

Wandelkaart Torres del Paine - Chili 1:50 000/1:100 000 | Trekking and Travel - Viachile Editores
Topografische wandelkaart met hoogtelijnen en toeristische informatie van het nationaal park Torres del Paine (Patagonie) in het zuiden van Chili.

Published in November 2013: The most complete map to explore the world famous Torres del Paine National Park, in the Chilean Patagonia. With pictures of the most beautiful attractions and drawings of the local fauna. Information in three languages (English-German-Spanish).
Map 1:100,000: Covers the whole National Park, with hiking routes (distances in km), lodgings, campings, boat connections etc.
Map 1:50,000: The Paine massif in the center of the park, with Paine Circuit, W hike, hiking trails (distances in km), huts, hotels, campings etc.
Map 1:500.000: Overview map of the Ultima Esperanza county between Puerto Natales and the Torres del Paine National Park
City map Puerto Natales: With hotels, restaurants, bus terminals, supermarkets etc.