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Struik: Drakensberg


'From a bench at Arendsig at the top of Mike's Pass an impressive row of peaks in line with the escarpment meets the eye. . . a young female bushbuck regularly visits the Mahai campsite. . . waterfalls in the landscape of the Berg and the rich plant, bird and animal life impart a feeling of well-being and happiness. . . the drive up Sani Pass is a fascinating experience. . .'

With phrases like these, A Guide to the Drakensberg opens a vast area of pristine wilderness with its grand mountains and extraordinary rock formations, its rich wildlife heritage and historical significance - preserved in abundant rock art. Along with information on the nat­ural history of the region, it provides maps, lists of walks and hikes (graded for degree of difficulty), descriptions of recommended routes, information on accommodation, contact details and practical tips.

The book is divided into three regions: KwaZulu­Natal Drakensberg (northern, central and southern), north-eastern Cape Drakensberg and north-eastern Free State Drakensberg, each further divided into the main mountain and nature reserves. Rounded off with lists of plant and animal species (including where and when they are best seen) and an Information A-Z containing tips and pointers, it is the perfect guide and companion for a trip to southern Africa's great escarpment.


After giving up a job on a national German magazine and settling in Johannesburg, photographer, writer and documentary filmmaker August Sycholt made wildlife and southern Africa his focus of attention. Travelling extensively in his role as freelance photographer/writer, he has produced several books on nature and eco­tourism in the region.


Pages: 200
Size: 14,5 cm x 21 cm


Kruger NP Pack
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Globetrotter: Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

Practical, informative and user-friendly, the Globetrotter Travel Guide to the Kruger National Park highlights the major camps, describing their principal attractions and offering sound suggestions on where to stay, view the wildlife and relax.


THE AUTHOR Having spent his childhood in the Kruger National Park, Dr L.E.O. Braack is singularly qualified to write about this, one of the world's finest game parks. He has an intimate knowledge of the Park, its attractions and its prolific wildlife, and has written a number of books on the subject.


Ideal for the first-time visitor.

Over 25 full-colour area maps, major camps and locator maps .

Over 100 full-colour photographs.

Including travel map 1:200.000


Pages: 128
Size:  13 cm x 18,5 cm


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Mapstudio Tourist Atlas Kwazulu-Natal


21 pages of road maps covering the KwaZulu-Natal region, showing major routes, secondary roads, places of interest.
32 pages of the main tourist areas featuring Scenic routes, Historical sites, Forest Reserves, Nature Reserves, Hiking trails, etc.
Top Tips
Full colour maps
Town Plans
Ideal for the first time visitor
consise index of place names
Contact details and general information.

Pages.: 112
Size: 24 cm x 14 cm
Language: English


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MapStudio Tourist Atlas: Mpumalanga - Lowveld & Kruger National Park

Lowveld & Kruger National Park

Top tips.
Full colour maps.
Town plans.
Ideal for the first time visitor.
Concise and informative text.
Full colour photographs.
Concise index of place names.
Contact details and general information.

Pages: 88
Size: 14 cm x 24 cm

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Lonely Planet: Diving & Snorkeling South Africa

Diving & Snorkeling South Africa

This guide is your window into the incredible marine world of South Africa and southern Mozambique. Explore the vast kelp forests of the Cape, home to seal and penguin colonies and their nemesis, the great white shark. Find the cold-water coral garden of Port Elizabeth, the shipwrecks of Aliwal Shoals, the tropical diversity at Sodwana. and the whale sharks and thriving corals of Mozambique.

. detailed dive information to 90 sites

. full-color photos throughout

. 11 maps of the dive regions

. listings of dive service operators

. guide to common and hazardous marine life


Pages: 152
Size: 13 cm x 20 cm

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Kuperard: South Africa Chic hotels - lodges - spas

South Africa Chic   
hotels - lodges - spas

South Africa Chic is the authoritative guide to this magnificent country's most luxurious city hotels, rambling safari lodges and rustic country inns. The properties featured have been chosen for their individual, original style and chic allure.

Each of the 62 properties is described in detail, from their architecture and design to the finer touches found at the best hotels, to help readers make the most of their time in South Africa. A fact box provides a wealth of essential information on each properly and its nearby attractions.

Seven generously illustrated chapters introduce readers to the sights of each province, revealing their inimitable charms and the stories behind them, providing the perfect gateway to South Africa.


Pages: 256

Size: 21,5 cm x 21,5 cm

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NH Safari in Style (South Africa)

Safari in Style 

Safari in Style combines the aspirational and inspirational elements of enticing travel experiences embracing the wildlife, landscapes, architecture, décor and cuisine of some 30 prime game and country lodges throughout southern Africa. In a journey starting in South Africa in the Floral Kingdom of the Western Cape, author and photographer David Rogers wends his way along the Garden Route and then eastwards and north into the wilds of the Pondoland coast, northern Zululand and the mighty Drakensberg. Beyond the mountainous escarpment he descends into the steamy Lowveld and the world of the famed Kruger National Park and its attendant private reserves. In a northern arc he then visits the Waterberg, the Magaliesberg and Madikwe before travelling to Namibia. The final part of Rogers' journey takes him into the Namib Desert and the wetland wonder of Botswana's Okavango Delta before he finally reaches the great Zambezi River at the Victoria Falls. Rogers meets and talks with the personalities who own and run establishments that rank with the best the continent has to offer, from traditional bush camps to the avant-garde. Some present the ultimate in comfort and luxury, others are more modest.

In the end, it is the individual ambience of each one that has guided him, in consultation with the edi­tors and travel consultants of the award-winning Africa Geographic magazine, in a choice reflecting the unique, intimate destinations featured in Safari in Style.


Pages: 160

Size: 21,5 cm x 30 cm