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In Siberia
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In Siberia (Colin Thubron)

In Siberia

'This is a truly outstanding hook ... In his 15,OOO-mile epic, Thubron has penetrated the topography and the soul of Siberia… Read this book'  (Justin Cartwright, Observer)


'This new book is Thubron's finest achievement to date... he is a marvellous storyteller... Rasputin lookalikes, religious shamans and Gulag survivors all create an enduring image of Siberia that is less a country than a strange region in the mind... Colin Thubron has completed a glorious quartet of travel books with In Siberia. Scholarly, superbly written, it will last well into the next millennium'  (Ian Thomson, Guardian)


A book that greatly affected me ... just for once I was genuinely proud of the writer's calling'  (Jan Morris, Daily Telegraph Books of the Year)


Pages:  288

Size: 13 cm x 19,5 cm

silk dreams troubled road
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Silk Dreams, Troubled Road (Jonny Bealby)

Silk Dreams, Troubled Road
On horseback trough Central Asia.

'The first time I met Rachel I knew I was in trouble.'


Whilst in Islamabad investigating the possibilities of setting up an adventure travel company, Jonny Bealby met the woman of his dreams. Not only that, but Rachel was the person with whom he could live out his dream - to travel the Old Silk Road on horseback. On his return to Pakistan that Christmas, however, Jonny was faced with those dreadful words: 'I've met somebody else...'


With his heart fixed on this journey, as well as the possibility of a TV deal, Jonny set out to find a Quixotic stranger as his companion. In no time he found Sarah - attractive, warm and funny - the perfect candidate for a possible romance. Unfortunately, though, during their search for the Heavenly Horses that would carry them across the Mountains of Heaven, their fledgling friendship was beset by problems of communication, inexperience and the difficulty of adapting to radically different cultures and surroundings. Not only a stimulating travelogue, Jonny and Sarah's adventure is an intriguing and heart­warming illustration of human relationships as they are tested

to their limits.


Pages: 306

Size: 13 cm x 19,5 cm