Flora und Fauna in Afrika

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African Animal Tracks (UK)

African Animal Tracks

Laminated map with pictures of the most familiar animals of Africa. Includes track and dung illustrations.  Verry usefull when you go on safari.

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African Birds (UK)

African Birds
An introduction to familiar species.

Laminated map with pictures of the most familiar birds of Africa.

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Helm Birds of East Africa (UK)

Birds of East Africa
Kenya Tanzania Uganda Rwanda Burundi

The Birds of East Africa is the first comprehensive field guide to a spectacular region for birding. Covering all the resident, migrant and vagrant birds of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi it describes a remarkable 1388 species. Three experienced artists have painstakingly prepared 287 new plates showing 3400 images illustrating all the plumages and major races likely to be encountered. Set opposite the plates are concise descriptive accounts describing identification, status, range, habits and voice, and range maps for each species. Introductory sections provide notes on how to use the species accounts, the nomenclature adopted, conservation issues, where to send records, and maps of protected and other important bird areas.

Between them the authors have over 40 years of experience in leading bird tours and conducting conservation work in the region. East Africa shelters a remarkable diversity of birds, including many seriously threatened species with small and vulnerable ranges. They form a constantly colourful, noisy and highly extrovert part of the landscape. This book is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in studying or conserving the birds of the East Africa region, as well as to the many visitors who simply want to enjoy the sheer beauty of its birds.


Pages: 604

Size:  14cm x 22cm


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Helm Birds of Western Africa (UK)

Birds of Western Africa 

. The first comprehensive field guide to the birds of all 23 western African countries - from Mauritania east to Chad and south to Congo and including all island groups

. Covers 1,304 species, including all breeding species, visitors and vagrants

. 148 colour plates from the acclaimed Birds of Western Africa (Helm), with several reworked and improved

. Plates face concise text for rapid reference, allowing identification and ageing of all species

. Detailed, fully updated colour maps for every species


Pages:  512
Size:  14cm x 21,5cm