Maps from Austria's Alpine Club.


The maps of the Alpenverein (Alpine Club) are topographical in character and show the hiking routes in different colours to indicate their level of difficulty. The accuracy with which contours are delineated means that rock formations are shown more realistically, so difficult sections can be avoided if necessary. Glacier crossings are also indicated, and club and private mountain huts are coded in different colours to help with hut hiking. In a word: excellently produced maps that will give you years of hiking and climbing pleasure.


All prices shown below are inclusive of VAT.


AV 0/13 Nevado Ojos del Salado (Chile - Argenina) 1:100.000

Nevado Ojos del Salado


AV 0/3a Cordillera Blanca Nord (Peru) 1:100.000

Cordillera Blanca Nord


AV 0/3b Cordillera Blanca Süd (Peru)

Cordillera Blanca Süd

AV 0/3c Cordillera Huayhuash (Peru) 1:50.000

Cordillera Huayhuash

AV 0/8 Cordillera Real Nord (Illampu)


AV 0/9 Cordillera Real Süd (Illimani) 1:50.000

Cordillera Real  South