River maps and guides of France.


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Weight: g

Ardèche Kanu & Wanderkarte (1/40.000)

Ardeche river, canoe and hiking map

1:40 000

Double sided and waterproof map in German with English translations on legend.

1:40 000 detailed map of Ardeche Gorge.
9 detailed plans of routes through rapids
Hiking routes named and marked
Campsites and launch locations
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France Inland Waterways

Map of the Inland Waterways of France [Folded Map] [Hardcover]



Weight: g

France Voies Navigables 21

France Navicarte 21
Map of France's whole inland waterways system
Weight: g

La Dordogne - Vezere Kanu & Wanderkarte (1/60.000)

Rivier Dordogne kanokaart (ook als wandelkaart te gebruiken) 1:60.000 - waterproof - legenad in het Frans, Duits, Engels
Weight: g

Tarn Kanu & wanderkarte (1/50.000)

Tarn 1:50.000 kano en wandelkaart Tarn

Rivier Tarn kanokaart (en wandelkaart) 1:50.000 waterproof - legenda in het Duits, Frans en Engels. (departementen Lozère en Aveyron)

Tarn Kanu- und Tourismuskarte mit 65 Farbbildern die die einmalige schönheit der Schlucht für Wanderer und Kanuten aufzeigt.