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Kuperard: Culture Shock China - Living and working in the city.

Culture Shock China 
Living and working in the city.

Beijing is now home to more than 100,000 people from other countries. These ex pats are teachers and students, diplomats, technical experts, journalists, business people, and their families. They hail from every corner of the world and make the foreign community of Beijing rich in diversity. Living in the midst of such diversity is one of the most stimulating aspects of making one's home in the capital of China.

-Kay Jones and Anthony Pan, authors of Beijing At Your Door.

Whether you are a visitor or expatriate in Beijing, you will benefit from the expert advice of Kay Jones and Anthony Pan, both consultants in international business and intercultural issues. Enjoy their humorous and sensitive guide through the cultural and social pitfalls one might face in this populous, ancient, yet increasingly cosmopolitan capital of China.

Read this book if you would like to take a historical tour of Beijing, understand the different sorts of Beijing citizens and learn how to make a good impression on them, get your feet wet in the Mandarin language, find out all you need to know about accommodation and finances in Beijing or just how to stay healthy, happy, and safe.

Culture Shock! is a bestselling series of culture and etiquette guides covering countless destinations around the world.


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Lonely Planet: Best of Beijing

Best of Beijing

Cleanse your soul in the Palace of Heavenly Purity, practice t'ai chi in Fragrant Hills Park, lose yourself in amazement on top of the Great Wall. More welcoming than ever, China's centuries-old seat of power bursts with extraordinary experiences. Best of Beijing puts the whole city in your pocket.

. MAKE PLANNING A BREEZE with our accessible fold-out map section and detailed itinerary suggestions

. EXPERIENCE THE FORBIDDEN using discerning coverage of the city's famous sights and undiscovered treasures

. DINE IN IMPERIAL STYLE - from the crispiest Peking duck

to the most fiery baijiu, the cream of Beijing's sophisticated

eating and drinking scene

. JOIN IN THE ACTION with the rundown on the finest kung fu exhibitions, acrobatic performances and much more

. REPOSE IN TRANQUILLITY - unwind your qi in China's most chic hotels and guesthouses


Pages: 126
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Lonely Planet: China


Welcome to China: vast, ambitious, proud, and transforming like never before. Speed down alleyways on your Beijing bicycle, slurp steaming noodles in the shadow of a Shanghai skyscraper and wake up spellbound to the desertscapes of Xinjiang. Whether you seek the Terracotta Warriors of ancient Xi'an or a few moments with the pandas of Chengdu, this bestselling guidebook will take you through the heart of China.

. BE INSPIRED by the wonders of the Middle Kingdom - the best coverage available, from the Great Wall to the high passes of Tibet

. TALK THE TALK and find what you want with handy Chinese script throughout

. UNWIND your qi in the most chic hostels, guest-houses and hotels

. CONNECT with the real China - scintillating History and Culture chapters

. FIND IT YOURSELF - 230 easy-to-use maps


Pages: 980
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Lonely Planet: Best of Hong Kong

Best of Hong Kong

Sample dim sum fresh from the bamboo steamer as the mah jong chips rustle down a nearby alleyway. Delight in endless shopping sprees, soak up glittering harbour views from the Peak, and party in Soho till sunrise. In Hong Kong you'll be spoiled for choice, so we've selected the gems for you. Best of Hong Kong puts the whole city in your pocket.

. FEAST LIKE AN EMPEROR - discover the true tastes of Can­ton, from streetside snacks to seafood banquets

. SHOP UP A STORM in bustling night markets, quirky bou­tiques and designer shopping malls - the choices are endless

. STAY IN STYLE with our discerning accommodation options, hand-picked from the city's best

. FIND THE HAUNTS with the local lowdown on glamorous bars, English-style pubs and ultra-slick clubs

. ESCAPE TO MACAU - our day-trip itinerary takes you through cobblestone streets to Portuguese treats.


Pages: 128
Size: 10,5 cm x 19,5 cm


Great Wall Explore China
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Rucksack Readers: Explore the Great Wall

Explore the Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is the largest construction on earth, but myths about it are more widely known than facts. The best way to appreciate it is to explore it on foot. This book focuses on the most rewarding and accessible sections of the Wall, dating from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).


This book includes:

. a drop-down map showing the Great Wall in China and in the Beijing area

. walking notes on seven sections, both restored and original

. site plans showing the Wall at Shanhaiguan, Simatai, Mutianyu and Badaling

. practical information about transport and travel

. background information on China's dynasties, geography and economy

. 70 colour photographs

. a rucksack-friendly format.


Pages:  64
Size: 14,5 cm x 22 cm


China by bike
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The Mountaineers: China by bike

China by bike

Six extended tours trough north-eastern, east-central, and south-eastern China, and three trough Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Extensive sections on trip planning and preparation.

Tips on buying and outfitting your bike.

Essential information on route finding, transportation links, safety and health, food and accommodation.

Expert advice on negotiating, China culture and language.


Pages: 268
Size: 13,5 cm x 21 cm


China live & work
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Vacation Work: Live and work in China

 Live and work in China

A detailed survey of the opportunities for living & working in China - from

Hong Kong to Shanghai and from Macau to Beijing


Living in China

How to...

~ Secure a residence permit

~ Find your ideal home

~ Obtain a competitive mortgage

~ Deal with surveys & conveyancing

~ Choose a suitable school

~ Open the right bank account

~ Get the best health care

~ Learn the language quickly

~ Organise your retirement abroad

~ Make the most of your leisure time Working in China


Full details on...

~ Finding suitable employment

~ Submitting the correct documents

~ Skills and trades most in demand

~ Seasonal & temporary work

~ Salaries, hours and holidays

~ Trade unions and contracts

~ Starting/buying your own business

~ Raising the required finance

~ Government incentives

~ Sources of advice and assistance


Pages: 348
Size: 14,5 cm x 21 cm