Flora and fauna in Africa

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African Animal Tracks (UK)

African Animal Tracks

Laminated map with pictures of the most familiar animals of Africa. Includes track and dung illustrations.  Verry usefull when you go on safari.

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African Birds (UK)

African Birds
An introduction to familiar species.

Laminated map with pictures of the most familiar birds of Africa.

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African Wildlife (UK)

Natuurgids African Wildlife - an introduction to familiar species | Waterford Press

Een bijzonder handige uitklapkaart met alle veelvoorkomende dieren van het Afrikaanse continent. Duidelijke illustraties, goede korte omschrijving van soort en leefgebied, geplastificeerd.

The Pocket Naturalist series introduces novices to common plants and animals and natural phenomena. Each pocket-sized, folding guide highlights up to 150 species and most feature a map highlighting prominent sanctuaries and outstanding natural attractions. Laminated for durability.

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Helm Birds of East Africa (UK)

Birds of East Africa
Kenya Tanzania Uganda Rwanda Burundi

The Birds of East Africa is the first comprehensive field guide to a spectacular region for birding. Covering all the resident, migrant and vagrant birds of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi it describes a remarkable 1388 species. Three experienced artists have painstakingly prepared 287 new plates showing 3400 images illustrating all the plumages and major races likely to be encountered. Set opposite the plates are concise descriptive accounts describing identification, status, range, habits and voice, and range maps for each species. Introductory sections provide notes on how to use the species accounts, the nomenclature adopted, conservation issues, where to send records, and maps of protected and other important bird areas.

Between them the authors have over 40 years of experience in leading bird tours and conducting conservation work in the region. East Africa shelters a remarkable diversity of birds, including many seriously threatened species with small and vulnerable ranges. They form a constantly colourful, noisy and highly extrovert part of the landscape. This book is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in studying or conserving the birds of the East Africa region, as well as to the many visitors who simply want to enjoy the sheer beauty of its birds.


Pages: 604

Size:  14cm x 22cm


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Gambia and Senegal Birds Helm (UK)

Bird of The Gambia and Senegal

The Gambia is a top birding destination, combining a terrific diversity and concentration of species with a good tourist infrastructure. It is the perfect introduction to African birding. Over 660 species are described in the text and most are illustrated on the colour plates. This is the standard field guide to one of the world’s most popular and impressive birding regions.

Pages:400 pages.

Size: 15cm x 22cm

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Madagascar Mammals (UK)

Mammals of Madagascar

Madagascar has a unique mammal fauna. Of the 123 species, at least 103 are found nowhere else on earth. It is best known for its 33 species of lemur, but there are also a great variety of tenrecs, bats, rodents, viverrids and mongooses. These groups have demonstrated remarkable adaptive radiation, giving rise to some of the most remarkable species in the world, such as the witch-like Aye-aye, the elegant Fosa and the bizarre Hedgehog Tenrecs. Anyone interested in mammals will hope to explore Madagascar’s extraordinary assemblage of species, and this is the perfect identification guide for the island.

Pages: 304
Size:    234x156 mm.

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South Africa Safari Guide

South Africa (Globetrotter Safari Guide)
This exciting guide aims to inspire and help travellers to plan and enjoy safaris in South Africa's finest wildlife reserves. In addition to offering advice on planning your trip and discussing available options as well as park etiquette, the guide offers an overview of South Africa's natural environment and wildlife, including an informative gallery of species. South Africa's 10 best parks or groupings of parks are profiled, which includes an overview of the featured park, a brief history, a description by area of the park, and special features to look out for.
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Southern Africa Mammals

Stuarts' Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa

Greater southern Africa has a wealth of mammal species, almost 400 – all of which are covered in this fully updated, comprehensive field guide. Now expanded to include species found in Angola, Zambia and Malawi, it has also been extensively revised to include: the most recent research and taxonomy; revised distribution maps and new images; colour coded grouping of families; spoor and size icons; skull photographs, grouped for easy comparison; detailed descriptions of each species, offering insight into key identification characters, typical behaviour, preferred habitat, food choice, reproduction and longevity.
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Southern Africa Mammals Pocket Guide

Natuurgids The Pocket Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa | Sunbird
The Pocket Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa is a handy and compact guide to over a 100 mammal species from big cats to mice and bats

Each entry contains a detailed description with:

  • Clear, full-color photographs
  • Information on identification, subspecies, mass, shoulder height, vocalization, age, habitat, habits, food, breeding, and male and female differences
  • Details of other species with which the mammal could be confused, and their differences
  • An illustration of typical tracks and their size
  • A Southern Africa distribution map
  • Listed where appropriate are the most recent standards set for trophy hunters by Safari Club International and Rowland Ward

Additionally, the pocket guide has:

  • A vegetation map and habitat keys for essential, summarised information at a glance on distribution and preferred habitats
  • A photographic section on dung.An illustrated section on spoor and tracking
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Southern Africa Wildlife - Collins

Natuurgids Wildlife of Southern Africa - Zuidelijk Afrika | Collins

Namibië - Botswana - Zuid Afrika - Mozambique

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Southern Africa Wildlife - Struik

Struik - Wildlife of Southern Africa
A guide to the animals and plants of the region. It features over 2,000 selected plants and animals, large and small that are likely to be encountered during a visit to various parts of the region. More than 1,200 species are illustrated. It is suitable for those who venture outdoors - visitors to game parks, hikers, and holiday-makers.
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Tanzania Larger Mammals

A Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of Tanzania
  • The definitive, most up-to-date field guide to the larger mammals of Tanzania, including marine mammals
  • Detailed species accounts, each illustrated with color photos
  • Tips on where to see each species
  • Species checklists for every national park
  • 9781775842750
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    Two Oceans

    Two Oceans: A guide to the marine life of southern Africa - fourth ed.
    For over two decades Two Oceans has been the pre-eminent book to which scientists, students, divers and beachcombers turn to identify and learn about marine life, from sponges to whales and seaweeds to dune forests. In this exuberantly colourful, fully revised fourth edition, over 2,000 species are now covered, names and other details have been updated to refl ect the latest taxonomy and many new photographs have been added.
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    Helm Birds of Western Africa (UK)

    Birds of Western Africa 

    . The first comprehensive field guide to the birds of all 23 western African countries - from Mauritania east to Chad and south to Congo and including all island groups

    . Covers 1,304 species, including all breeding species, visitors and vagrants

    . 148 colour plates from the acclaimed Birds of Western Africa (Helm), with several reworked and improved

    . Plates face concise text for rapid reference, allowing identification and ageing of all species

    . Detailed, fully updated colour maps for every species


    Pages:  512
    Size:  14cm x 21,5cm