How does this site work?

About the functioning of this site ...

It’s all quite simple:
Just take your time and browse through what we have to offer. If you come across something you find particularly interesting you can put it in your Basket or save it in your Favourites. Your Favourites is more a ‘wish list’ of what you’d eventually like to buy than a list of urgent purchases. It’s a useful aide-memoire. We’re happy to store this information for you for a short time.
Once you’ve placed something in your Basket then you can order it. You don’t need to pay in advance - we’ll be happy to send it to you accompanied by a payment form. If the goods are not what you expected then you can return them to us within seven days. In that case you needn’t pay anything apart from the costs of posting the goods back to us.
Isn’t that cool? No need even to leave the house: you receive your order in just a few days and can peruse it at your leisure.  If it’s not what you want, you just return it to us.  Couldn’t be simpler, eh?