How can I find the map I'm looking for quickly?

About searching this site...

The maps on this site are arranged by number. But suppose you don’t have the number? Well, soon we’ll have a Master Map on this site that you’ll be able to use to find exactly the map you need.
For the time being you can search for the map you want by using the search function on this site.
At the top-left of this screen you’ll see a search box and two buttons with lines on them. In the box you can type the name of a town, city, mountain, mountain pass, lake or any other well-known feature of the region for which you want a map. Click on the left-hand button and a search will be performed among the map titles, while clicking on the second button searches in the descriptive text.
Example: let’s assume you want a map of
Corsica. Just type in ‘Corsica’ and click on the second (right-hand) button to see the results of the search. Now try this again with ‘Mont Blanc’.