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Below we’ve listed the publishers of walking and cycling maps - they offer a very wide range of products.

Kompass hiking maps are ideal for the hiking enthusiast. Hiking routes are shown in colour, and icons show you what to look for and what to expect. You can work out the degree of difficulty in advance from the contour lines (with rock formations clearly shown). The maps are usually accompanied by a handy guide crammed with tourist info and possibly also by a concise description of the hiking routes and details of hostel and hut locations. The whole thing is lavishly illustrated with magnificent colour photos.


Freytag & Berndt hiking maps on a scale of 1:50 000 (or smaller) are delightfully clear and easy on the eye. Hiking routes are shown in colour, the maps are sufficiently detailed to make it possible to plan a hike effectively, and they usually come with a hiking guide containing concise details of hikes to alpine meadows and mountain huts as well as useful tourist info and a table of GPS points.


The maps of the Alpenverein (Alpine Club) are topographical in character and show the hiking routes in different colours to indicate their level of difficulty. The accuracy with which contours are delineated means that rock formations are shown more realistically, so difficult sections can be avoided if necessary. Glacier crossings are also indicated, and club and private mountain huts are coded in different colours to help with hut hiking. In a word: excellently produced maps that will give you years of hiking and climbing pleasure.


Select from the list the publisher whose products you’d like to see.