Scale 1:50.000

Hiking maps and other topographical maps on a scale of 1:50 000.

Rando maps are of a very high quality, are very detailed and contain a great deal of useful information for the tourist. Hiking routes and (if present) ski touring routes are shown in colour, and degrees of difficulty are indicated.

Libris maps are very well designed, accurate and detailed and show, among other information, the location of sleeping and watering facilities. Hiking routes are indicated in colour, and icons are used to clearly indicate places of interest so you can quickly decide which route to follow and whether you want to make a detour or spend some extra time at a particular spot. Legends are in French, English, German and Italian.

The maps produced by Edition Didier Richard are slightly less detailed but give a clearer indication of where the really difficult parts of a hike are likely to be. The ski touring routes (where applicable) are also indicated in colour. There’s no tourist info, but all the huts and hostels are indicated by clear and reasonably large icons. The maps are especially easy on the eye and are ideal for touring hikers or skiers. Legends in French only.

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