Cartes routières de l'Asie.

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Afghanistan & Kabul City map

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Reise Know How Afghanistan (1:1.000.000)


Avec index des villes et villages.

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Armenia & Azerbaijan ITM map (1/560.000)

Wegenkaart - landkaart Armenië & Azerbaijan - Armenia & Azerbaijan | ITMB
Armenia is a lovely country to visit, and popular. This 5th edition updates changes and adds a new inset map of Yerevan, the capital. Azerbaijan is the 'other half' of Armenia. The two countries don't like each other, but are intertwined, with enclaves of cultural and religious communities encircled by each other's countries. Regardless, it is an interesting country, and modernizing quickly. This edition includes a new inset map of Baku, on the Caspian Sea, and notes the new rail connection inching its way towards Turkey. In the future, this line will be a main conduit of goods and people between China and Europe.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Airports, Bus Terminals, Ferries, Hotels, Beaches, Churches, Museums, Point of Interests, Viewpoints, Libraries, Police Stations, Post Offices, Cinemas, Natural World Heritages, Zoos, Gas Stations, Hospitals and much more.

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Bali - Lombok - Komodo F&B map (1/125.000)

Wegenkaart - Landkaart Bali - Lombok - Komodo | Freytag & Berndt (

Goede duidelijke wegenkaart aan twee kanten bedrukt. Alle details staan er op! Met toeristische informatie, Nationale Parken en een index.

Detailed, double-sided road map of Bali, Lombok and Komodo islands. Clearly shows the national road network and selected provincial and local roads, with each class of road clearly indicated and road numbers shown. Intermediate driving distances between locations are shown in kilometres alongside the road, motorway filling stations are shown and motorway junctions are indicated.
Topography is shown with relief shading and some spot heights, and colour shading is used to indicate land types such as forests or marshland. International and provincial boundaries are clearly marked, as are National Parks, nature reserves and restricted military areas.
Symbols indicate various sights & locations of tourist interest, such as churches, leisure & sports destinations, panoramas & viewing points, monuments and historic sites. Some hotels and campsites are marked. Railway lines, airports, ports and marinas are also shown.


Bali - Lombok - Komodo NGS Adv. map

Bali, Lombok, and Komodo Adventure Map
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Bali - Lombok - Komodo RKH map (1/150.000)

Landkaart - wegenkaart Bali Lombok, Komodo| Reise Know How
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Bangladesh ITM map (1/750.000)

Wegenkaart - landkaart Bangladesh | ITMB

Een degelijke kaart met aanduidingen van o.a. nationale parken, vliegveld, benzinepomp, dirt-roads en kleine plattegrond van hoofdstad. Als overzichtskaart goed te gebruiken.

This is a very interesting country, not touristy, but very friendly. This is the only map published of the country and is quite detailed; inset maps of Dhaka and Chittagong.

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Bhutan - Himalaya (1/400.000)

 Bhutan Himalaya - Nepa Map 1/400.000
Route: Bumthang trek, Chelela trek, Degala trek, Gangtey trek, Jomolhari trek, Laya-Gasa trek Punakha trek, Rodungla trek, Laya-Gasa trek, Punakha trek, Rodungla trek, Sakten trek, Samtengang Trek.
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International travel Maps: Bhutan (1:380.000)


Carte routière avex index.
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Brunei - Sabah (International Travel Maps) 1:750.000

Brunei - Sabah

Carte routière.

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Cambodge IGN map ((1/500.000)

Cambodge IGN
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Cambodia - Angkor Nelles map (1/1.500.000)

Landkaart - wegenkaart Cambodja - Cambodia - Angkor | Nelles maps

Goede wegenkaart van Cambodja en het tempelcomplex van Angkor. Aan beide kanten bedrukt. Met veel toeristische aanduidingen als nationale parken en culturele bezienswaardigheden. Prima leesbare kaart.

Detailkarte: Angkor Thom (Central Part) ...
Angkor Wat ...
Angkor Wat City ...
Bakong ...
Bangkok Vicinity 1 : 555.000
Banteay Srei ...
Bayon ...
Preah Khan ...
Ta Prohm ...
The Temples Of Angkor 1 : 135.000

Stadtplan: Phnom Penh 1 : 47.000
Siem Reap 1 : 12.000
Sihanoukville 1 : 28.000

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Cambodia & laos ITM (1/750.000/ 1/1.2 mio)

Wegenkaart - Landkaart Cambodia & Laos (Cambodja) | ITMB
Een degelijke kaart met aanduidingen van o.a. nationale parken, vliegveld, benzinepomp, dirt-roads en kleine plattegronden van de hoofdsteden.

Although ITMB has published a map of Cambodia for years, because it shares a sheet with Laos, we feel that it does not get the attention it deserves. This map has Cambodia on one side, with its own cover picture, and includes an excellent inset map of Phnom Penh. Laos is on the other side and includes insets of Vientiane and of Louang Phabang. Laos is a beautiful, mostly pastoral country, where the pace of change is slow and measured.
Both titles have been updated.

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Cambodia RKH map (1/500.000)

Landkaart - wegenkaart Cambodja - Cambodia | Reise Know How
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Reise Know How Central Asia - Zentral Asien (1:1.700.000)

Central Asia - Zentral Asien
Turkmenistan - Usbekistan - Kirgistan - Tadschikistan

Avec index des villes et villages.

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Central Asia F&B map (1/1.5 mio)

Wegenkaart - landkaart Centraal Azië | Freytag & Berndt
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Central Asia nelles map (1/1.750.000)

Nelles Maps Central Asia - Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, North Eastern Iran.
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International Travel Maps: China (1:4.000.000)


Carte routière avex index. Les noms des villes les plus importantes ont également étéimprimés dans chinois.
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China Central (Nelles) 1:1.500.000

China Central 

Carte routière.
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Eastern China (Reise Know How) 1:2.700.000

Eastern China

Avec index des villes et villages.

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China North-Eastern (Nelles) 1:1.500.000

China North-Eastern

Carte routière.
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China Northern (Nelles) 1:1.500.000

China Northern

Carte routière.
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China South East + Shanghai

Stadplattegrond - landkaart Shanghai & China zuidoost

1/16.000 - 1/2.500.000

This updated map of rapidly-changing Shanghai has been enhanced in this edition by being printed on ITM waterproof plastic paper and by the addition of a separate map on the reverse side of all of South East China. The regional map covers from Nanning to Beijing, so perhaps covers a wider area than just Fujian and Guangdong provinces, but this is a much more detailed map than anything we have attempted before, and is an excellent aid to anyone based in Shanghai and thinking of travelling to Xi’an, or Guilin, as well as closer destinations. The Shanghai side has been updated with the latest road and subway additions including, for the first time on any map, the route of the new MAGLEV line being built through the southern part of the city. Double-sided, on ITM plastic,

Legend Includes:
 Roads/highways, public transportation, points of interest, accommodation, temples, information, and other attractions.

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China South ITM

Wegenkaart - plattegrond China South - Zuid | ITMB

1/3.000.000 Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai

China is a very large country. While our map of the entire country is fine for general travel and sells well, China is too large to show areas in detail. This map concentrates on the part of China from Shanghai south and all the way west to Lhasa and includes Taiwan and Hainan Island. We are not trying to make any sort of political comment here, but geographically, both Tibet and Taiwan fall within the area of coverage and are both included for this reason alone. The map also includes insets of Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai

 Legend Includes:

Roads by classification, Points of Interest, National Parks, Airports, Golf Courses, Beaches, Campsites, Waterfalls, Viewpoints, Churches, Surfing/Scuba Diving Spots, Fishing Spots, Hospitals, harbours/Ports, Lighthouses, Museums, Monuments, Caves, Mosques, Mountain Peaks, Botanic Gardens, Wildlife Sanctuary, Zoos, Sports Fields, and much more.

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China Southern (Nelles) 1:1.500.000

China Southern 

Carte routière.
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China Western (Reise Know How) 1:2.700.000

China Western

Avec index des villes et villages.

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China Yangzi River Map

Yangzi River Map

Stretching to nearly 4,000 miles, the Yangzi is the third largest river in the world and wirhout a doubt China's single most important river artery.

Inside are rhree large scale, high quality, hypsomerric shaded relief maps and 28 color photographs derailing both historic and scenic sites-the first map shows from the Yangzi's headwaters to Chongqing-the second from Chongqing to Yichang featuring the Three Gorges with fascinating information to guide you upstream or downstream-the third from Chongqing to the Yangzi's mouth below Shanghai.

. 8 Easy-to-use maps with infonnative captions describing numerous fascinating geographical and cultural details

. First comprehensive map of the entire Yangzi River

. Artist's impression of the finished Three Gorges Dam

. 28 Superb color photographs of the people and surrounding countryside by explorer Wong How Man

Chine IGN map
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Chine (IGN) 1:4.000.000


Carte routière.
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Georgia ITM map (1/610.000)

Wegenkaart - landkaart Georgia - Georgië | ITMB
Georgia suffered grievous harm from Russian forces a few years ago and lost territory to a breakaway province supported by Russia. However, the country is being quietly supported by America and life is back to normal. The country is quite mountainous and contains hundreds of picturesque village churches, dozens of fortresses dating back hundreds of years, and interesting hidden corners. The map also contains an excellent inset map of Tbilisi; printed single-sided on paper.
Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, International Boundary, Administrative Boundary, Cease-fire Line, Divided Highway, Major Highway, Other Road, Seasonal Track, Ferry Route, Lake and River, Seasonal River, National Park, International Airport, Domestic Airport, Lighthouse, Museum/Hotel, Horse-back Riding, Camping/Beach, Cave/Fortress, Church/Monastery, Harbour, Ferry/canyoning and much more.
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Georgia Road map (1/500.000)

Map Content

1. Populated Areas

2. Administrative Borders

3. Roads and Railroads

4. Hydrography

5. Shaded Relief with Isoline

6. Elevation Point

7. Polygon Areas

8. Points of Interest (Touristic, Historical and Natural Monuments)

9. Gas pipeline and Oil-pipeline

10. Distant Chart

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Freytag & Berndt: India - Nepal - Bangladesch - Sri Lanka - Maledives (1:3.000.000)

India - Nepal - Bangladesch - Sri Lanka - Maledives

Carte routière avex index.
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India - Sri Lanka - Nepal (Reise Know How) 1:2.900.000

India - Sri Lanka - Nepal

Avec index des villes et villages.

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Eastern India - Nepal (Nelles Maps) 1:1.500.000

Eastern India

Carte routière.
Special map: Calcutta

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India Ladakh - Zanskar Nelles map (1/350.000)

India: Ladakh & Zanskar Nelles Map
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Northern India (Nelles Maps) 1:650.000 - 1:1.500.000

Northern India 

Carte routière.

Special maps: Ladakh / Zanskar
City Maps: Srinagar - Agra - Delhi

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Northeastern India - Bangladesh (Nelles Maps) 1:1.500.000

Northeastern India - Bangladesh

Carte routière.

Special Maps: Calcutta, Dhaka

India northwest RKH Map
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India Northwest (Reise Know How) 1:1.300.000

India Northwest 

Avec index des villes et villages.

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India Northwest NGS Adv. Map (1/1.400.000)

India, Northwest (Adventure Map )

National Geographic
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Southern India - Sri Lanka (Nelles Maps) 1:1.500.000

Southern India

Carte routière.

Including: Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
City Maps: Hyderabad - Bangalore - Chennai (Madras) - Trivandrum

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Western India (Nelles Maps) 1:1.500.000

Western India

Carte routière.

Special map: Mumbai (Bombay)
City map: Delhi
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Nelles Maps: Indian Subcontinent (1:4.500.000)

Indian Subcontinent

Carte routière
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Indochina - Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia (Reise Know How) 1:1.200.000

Indochina - Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia

Avec index des villes et villages.

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Indonesia - Java - Jakarta (Nelles Map) 1:750.000

Indonesia - Java - Jakarta

Wegenkaart met stadsplannen

Roadmap with city maps

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Indonesia - Kalimantan - Brunei Nelles map (1/1.500.000)

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Indonesia - Papua - Maluku Nelles map (1/1.500.000)

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Indonesia - Sulawesi Nelles map (1.1.500.000)

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Indonesia - Sumatra Nelles map (1/1.500.000)

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Indonesien - Malaysia (Marco Polo) 1:2.000.000

Indonesien - Malaysia

Landkaart - Landkarte
Map with scenic routes and places of interest. With index of place names.

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Reise Know How Japan (1:1.200.000)


Avec index des villes et villages.

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Japan Bilingual Atlas

Wegenatlas Japan atlas - a bilingual guide | Kodansha
This title features: 21 large-scale maps of the regions of Japan, whichnclude all the officially registered cities, towns and villages.
The only atlas of its kind to feature place-names in both English and Japanese, Kodansha's perennial favorite has been newly revised to reflect the many changes that have resulted from the government's policy of consolidating Japanese cities, towns and villages. The volume includes:
-- 21 large-scale maps of the regions of Japan, including Greater Tokyo and the Kanto area, the Greater Osaka area, and almost all of the officially registered Japanese municipalities;
-- 10 maps of the major metropolitan areas, from Naha in Okinawa to Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nagoya, Tsukuba, Sapporo and many others;
-- 7 maps featuring notable tourist and resort areas, including Fuji-Hakone, Nara, Kamakura, Nikko, etc.;
-- 9 transportation maps, including road and intercity railway maps, Tokyo and Osaka subway and rail maps, and major domestic airline routes;
-- 12 thematic maps indicating national parks, historic spots, ceramic kiln areas and more.
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Japan Bilingual map

Wegenkaart - landkaart Japan Bilingual Map | Kodanshausa
Featuring an attractive new cover, and the same convenient, traveler-friendly size as the previous editions, this completely up-to-date version includes maps, created by satellite imaging, that offer some of the most comprehensive and detailed topography of Japan to date. In addition to the complete map of Japan, there are detail maps of Tokyo metropolitan area, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, and Nagoya.
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Japan NGS Adv. Map (1/1,3 mio)

Japan (Adventure Travel Map) by National Geographic
National Geographic's Japan AdventureMap is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers with its durability and accurate information. Each folded map provides global travelers with the perfect combination of detail and perspective, highlighting the area s terrain and best locations for adventure activities like snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and more.
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Java & Bali (Periplus) 1:600.000

Java & Bali

Wegenkaart met touristische informatie - Road map with tourist information.
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Java F&B map (1/750.000)

Wegenkaart - landkaart Java - Jakarta | Freytag & Berndt
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Java ITM map (1/600.000)

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Java NGS Adv. map (1/700.000)

Java AdventureMap (National Geographic Adventure Travel Maps)
National Geographic's Java AdventureMap is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers with its durability and accurate information. Each folded map provides global travelers with the perfect combination of detail and perspective, highlighting the areas terrain and best locations for adventure activities like snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and more.
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Java Reise Know How map (1/650.000)

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Kalimantan / Borneo (Nelles Maps) 1:1.500.000

Kalimantan / Borneo 

Carte routière avec Plans de ville de: Kuching - Kota Kinabalu - Bandar Seri Begawan.
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Kathmandu to Lhasa 1:700.000

Kathmandu to Lhasa
Road map
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Kaukasus F&B map (1/700.000)

Wegenkaart - Autokaart - Landkaart Kaukasus ( Georgië, Armenië, Azerbijan )| Freytag & Berndt (
Goede, gedegen wegenkaart met toeristische informatie, nationale parken en afstanden in kilometers. Met register.

The Caucasus countries, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, on an indexed road map from Freytag and Berndt, with coverage of the adjoining Russian republics of Chechnya, Northern Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachaevo-circassia.

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Kaukasus RKH map (1/650.000)

Landkaart - wegenkaart Kaukasus : Armenië - Azerbeidzjan - Georgië | Reise Know How
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Reise Know How Kazachstan - Kasachstan (1:2.000.000)

Kazachstan - Kasachstan

Avec index des villes et villages.

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Kazakhstan ITM map (1/2.300.000)

Wegenkaart - Landkaart Kazachstan | ITMB
Een degelijke kaart met aanduidingen van o.a. nationale parken, vliegveld, benzinepomp, dirt-roads en kleine plattegrond van hoofdstad. Als overzichtskaart goed te gebruiken.
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Kazakhstan map

Kazakhstan. Sredniaia Aziia 1:2,500,000
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Kazakstan F&B map (1/2 mio)

Auto + Freizeitkarte map
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Korea North & South nelles map (1/1.500.000)

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Kyrgyzstan Gizi map (1/750.000)

Kyrgyzstan map 1/750.000
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Reise Know How Laos (1:600.000)


Avec index des villes et villages.

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Lesser Sunda Islands Reise Know How map (1/800.000)

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Lombok Periplus map (1/175.000)

Lombok - Sumbawa Travel Map - wegenkaart Lombok en Sumbawa - Periplus
Periplus wegenkaart Lombok 1:200.000 met relief, afstandentabel en uitgebreide infrastructuur. Toeristische informatie en inzetkaartjes van de regio en de voornaamste steden.

Road and tourist map Lombok, Sumbawa includes
area maps of Lombok 1:200,000 - Sumbawa 1:650,000 - Komodo 1:650,000 - the Gili Islands 1:42,000

City Plans of Mataram and Senggigi Beach 1:25,000 - Kuta at 1:35,000 - Sumbawa Besar 1:35,000 - Bima 1:35,000
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Malaysia (Reise Know How) 1:800.000 - 1:1.100.000


Avec index des villes et villages.

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Malaysia NGS Adv. Map (1/1,3 mio)

Malaysia AdventureMap
National Geographic's Malaysia AdventureMap is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers with its durability and accurate information. Each folded map provides global travelers with the perfect combination of detail and perspective, highlighting the area s terrain and best locations for adventure activities like snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and more.
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Malaysia: Sarawak (Periplus) 1:1.000.000

Malaysia: Sarawak

Carte routière avec des plans des villes.
Maldives B&B Map
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Malediven / Maldives (B&B) 1:300.000 - 1:900.000

Malediven / Maldives

Carte avec plan de villes de Male. Les cartes sont plastifiées, ce qui les rend étanches et permet d'indiquer votre itinéraire au feutre et de l'effacer ensuite. Les légendes sont toujours en anglais, en allemand, et français.

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Mekon River Map - Source to Sea (1/3 mio)

Double sided, illustrated, folded map of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region. On one side of this large sheet there are 9 essays describing key features of the region, with 27 colour photographs. The essays cover Source of the Mekong; Ethnic Minorities; Trees, Plants and Herbal Medicine; Animals and Mammals; Expeditions and Explorers; River Creatures and Fish; Mysteries of the Mekong; Geology; The Water of Life: Livelihoods. On the other side of the sheet is a 1:3,150,000 scale map of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region showing the countries Thailand; Myanmar (Burma); Vietnam; Laos; Cambodia and the Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Guangxi.

This illustrated map provides an overview of the region which may be studied by the visitor to aid planning and carried whilst travelling.
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Mongolia ITM map (1/2.5 mio)

International Travel Maps, Mongolia, Scale 1: 2,500,000
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Mongolië RKH map (1/1.6 mio)

Landkaart - wegenkaart Mongolië - Mongolei | Reise Know How
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Myanmar - Birma - Burma (Reise Know How) 1:1.500.000

Myanmar - Birma - Burma

Avec index des villes et villages.

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Myanmar Freytag & Berndt map (1/1.200.000)

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Myanmar ITM map (1/1.350.000)

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Myanmar Map

Myanmar Burma met the River Ayeyawady (Irrawaddy) 1:2,150,000 - Odyssey
This is a double sided, illustrated, folded map of Myanmar, featuring the River Ayeyawady (Irrawaddy) and year round tourism attractions. On one side there is a 1:2,150,000 scale map of Myanmar (Burma) with 26 essays describing key attractions and features of the country, with 20 colour photographs. On the other side is a 1:3,150,000 scale map of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region showing the countries neighbouring Myanmar and centred on the Mekong River, again with colour photographs. For centuries the Mekong has provided inland transportation for people, and merchandise for millions living along its banks, and tributaries. This mother of all rivers flows through six countries in the heart of Southeast Asia and forms part of the international border between Myanmar (Burma) and Laos. Myanmar, is on the threshold of great change. In recent years, the world has revered the courage and dignity of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese woman who wishes to blend the best of the past with the progressive tones of modernity. Whether travellers journey by train or boat, this enchanting country offers many quaint if not eccentric cultural quests. As supermarkets are built alongside street stalls and Internet services enter daily life, Myanmar's timelessness may well protect each future generation as the veil of Buddhism rests deeply around Myanmar's soul. While Myanmar is a country rich in natural resources but needy in infrastructure - a country in transition - its magic will prevail. This illustrated map provides an overview of the region which may be studied by the visitor to aid planning and carried whilst travelling.
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Myanmar Nelles map (1/1.500.000)

Landkaart - wegenkaart Myanmar - Birma | Nelles maps

Goede overzichtskaart van Myanmar / Birma. Aan beide kanten bedrukt. Met veel toeristische aanduidingen als culturele bezienswaardigheden en nationale parken. Prima leesbare kaart.

Detailkarte: Bagan 1 : 60.000

Stadtplan: Mandalay 1 : 30.000
Yangon (Rangoon) 1 : 60.000

Folded road & tourist map of Myanmar (Burma) at 1:1,500,000 scale. National parks, temples, and places of interest are highlighted, and shaded-relief coloring clearly depicts topography. Insets include Yangon (Rangoon), Mandalay, & Bagan. Legend in English, French and German.
Poids: g

Myanmar Travel Map (1/1.700.000)

Myanmar (Globetrotter Travel Map)
Nepal ITM
Poids: g

Nepal (ITM) 1:800.000


Carte routières avec plan de ville de Kathmandu.

Nepal RKH Map
Poids: g

Nepal (Reise Know How) 1:500.000


Avec index des villes et villages et plans de villes de Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhaktapur, Royal Chitwan National Park.

Poids: g

Nepal map N701 (1/950.000)

Nepal (Trekking Map 700 Series) (N701)
This map offers detailed coverage of Nepal at 1:950,000 and all on a single-sided sheet. The map shows the physical features and the major trekking routes, with area enlargements for the Everest Region, Manaslu Conservation Area, Annapurna Conservation Area, and Langtang National Park. In English.
F 9246
Poids: g

Map Point Political Map Nepal (1:1.000.000)

Political Map Nepal

Carte routière
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Pakistan (International Travel Maps) 1:1.200.000


Road map with index of place names and city map of Karachi.

Poids: g

Pakistan (Nelles Maps) 1:1.500.000


Road map with citymap of Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi.
Poids: g

Philippines (Nelles ) 1:1.500.000


Carte routière avec plan de ville de Manila.


philippines rkh map
Poids: g

Philippines (Reise Know How) 1:1.200.000


Avec index des villes et villages.

Poids: g

Philippines NGS Adv. Map (1/1,3 mio)

National Geographic's Philippines AdventureMap
National Geographic's Philippines AdventureMap is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers with its durability and accurate information. Each folded map provides global travelers with the perfect combination of detail and perspective, highlighting the area s terrain and best locations for adventure activities like snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and more.
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Hema Maps The Phillippines (1:1.750.000)

The Phillippines

Carte routière avec index.
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International Travel Map Sikkim (India) (1:140.000)


Carte routière avex index.
Poids: g

Sikkim (NepaMaps) 1:150.000


Politieke kaart en wegenkaart met aanduiding van de trekking routes.

Gangtok – Mangan – Namchi – Gyalzing – Dentam – Pemayangtse –Darjeeling – Kalimpong – Meli Bazar – Rhenek – Rongli – Kupup – Singtam – Rumtek – Pakyong – Likship – Kewzing – Green Lake – Lachen – Lachung - Yumthang

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Silk Road Ancient map

The Ancient Silk Road

Illustrated Map - Odyssey

Made famous in the West by the Venetian adventurer Marco Polo, the ancient Silk Road spanned one-quarter of the circumference of the Earth. An intricate network of trading routes, in its heyday it stretched from Luoyang and Xi'an in China, through Central Asia to Istanbul and Rome, perhaps the first example of the globalisation of trade. At the heart of this complex web of caravan trails stood Afghanistan, its location a strategic meeting point for merchants from East, West and the Indian subcontinent. As a result, this fabled country was for centuries one of the wealthiest centres of commerce and culture in the region - a Leader in the East.
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Silk Road Countries Gizi map (1/3 mio)

Wegenkaart - Autokaart - Landkaart Silk Road Countries - Zijde Route | Gizi Map
A map covering the Silk Roads and surrounding territories from Western China and India across Asia to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Black Sea at a scale of 1:3,000,000. It includes all of Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Iran, all the Central Asian Republics (except Kazakhstan), Afghanistan and Pakistan. With attractive physical relief, cultural information and attractions.
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Sri Lanka & South India ITM (1/475.000) - (1/1.820.000)

Poids: g

Sri Lanka Nelles map

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Sulawesi Reise Know How map (1/500.000)