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Cicerone: The Julian Alps of Slovenia

The Julian Alps of Slovenia

The Julian Alps of Slovenia lie at the south-eastern end of the Alpine chain. Here, dramatic limestone peaks drop steeply through forests to flower meadows, and give a feast for the eyes in all directions.

This guide brings the best of this major Alpine area to the English-speaking walker. There is something for everyone - from easy valley walks and rougher forest trails to high-mountain protected routes and multi-day treks for the experienced mountaineer.

·         57 routes and 4 multi-day itineraries

·         Routes based around five centres - Kranjska Gora, Bovec, Kobarid, Bled and Bohinj

·         Illustrated with sketch maps and photography


Pages: 320

Format: 12 cm x 17,5 cm


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Karavanke (Cicerone Guides)

Walking in Slovenia: The Karavanke
This guidebook offers 23 walking routes set across the magnificent 120km-long Karavanke mountain range, which forms a natural border between Austria and Slovenia. Commonly known as 'the way the Alps used to be', as it is yet to experience the extent of commercial development known by the Western Alps, it is one of the longest ranges in Western Europe but it remains genuinely unspoilt and relatively unvisited by English-speaking hillwalkers. The guide's walks begin in pretty towns and villages, and most of them access the peaks from the relatively more gentle Slovenian side of the range, where forest-clad slopes lead to grassy summits where spectacular views can be enjoyed. Arranged by peak from west to east along the range, most of the summits can be reached by waymarked paths and trails. The guide gives all the practical details you need on transport, accessing the routes, accommodation and available facilities, as well as insight into the historical sites passed on the way. The Karavanke offers a wealth of superb walking opportunities for walkers of all abilities, and this is an invaluable companion to discovering the range for yourself.
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Sidarta: Slovenia climbing guide - Kletterführer

Slovenia climbing guide

In the previous edition much of the effort went into the presentation of the new climbing areas, however in the last few years major changes have occurred within already existing crags. In this time the quality of the equipment of the routes has steadily risen and the new routes and sectors have been opened. Some minor and very local crags with poor equipment have been included in the guide book in order to stimulate the local climbers.

Since the first edition of the guide book the number of routes has increased from 1259 to 3200 and the number of crags from 38 to 79. There have been 11 new climbing areas included in the last edition.

Quite a few crags are situated on private land, so respect the good will and privacy of the owners and locals. Future access, understanding, good collaboration and mutual satisfaction depend upon all of us. We wish you many pleasant days climbing.


Vor Ihnen ist die neueste Ausgabe des Kletterführers durch die Klettergärten Sloweniens.
Wenn in der letzten Ausgabe vor allem die Entstehung zahlreicher neuer Klettergebiete Vorrang hatte, so kam es diesmal zu Veränderungen im Rahmen der bereits bestehenden Klettergärten.
Der Zeitraum der letzten fünf Jahre ist kennzeichnend für eine bedeutende Qualitätssteigerung der Einrichtung der Klettergebiete sowie für die Entstehung neuer Routen und Sektoren. Im Führer wurden auch kleinere, und zur Anregung für lokale Kletterer, einige schlechter eingerichtete Klettergärten behalten.
Seit der ersten Ausgabe des Kletterführers1994 ist die Gesamtzahl der Routen von 1259 auf 3200 gestiegen und die Anzahl der Klettergebiete von 38 auf die heutigen 79. In der jetzigen Ausgabe sind 11 neue Gebiete vorgestellt.
Viele Klettergebiete befnden sich auf Privatgrundstück, deshalb sollte man den guten Willen und die Privatsphäre der Besitzer und Einheimischen achten. Von uns allen hängt die weitere gute Zuammenarbeit und beiderseitige Zufriedenheit ab.
Viele Klettergenüsse.


Pages  / Seiten: 446
Size / Format: 12,5 cm x 21 cm

Language: Slovenian, German, Italian, English

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Slovenia Mountaineering

Mountaineering in Slovenia - The Julian Alps and Kamnik and Savinja Alps
This selection of over 80 tours, from relatively easy medium-altitude trips and walks to serious high-mountain tours and traverses has been written by one of the authorities of the Julian Alps - Tine Mihelic.

The Julian Alps hold a central position in this guide, being the mightiest mountain range in Slovenia, nevertheless the author has added ascents to the most important sumits of the Karavanke and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps - which though smaller in extent, are not less interesting for the attractiveness of their destinations.

This selection of tours represents the most beautiful that the mountains of Slovenia can offer and at the sae time invites you to discover this eaternmost part of the Alpine chain.
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Slovenia Trekking

Go trekking in Slovenia with a Cicerone guidebook
An essential guidebook for anyone trekking the Slovene High Level Route across Slovenia. The 500km hike from Maribor to Ankaran is described as a series of 3 to 6 day treks to be tackled individually or together. The route runs through the regions of Pohorje, the Julian Alps and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karavanke, and the limestone Karst country.
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Triglav Hiking Guide

Triglav - Hiking Guide

Slovenia's highest mountain from all sides

As the highest Slovene mountain with great symbolic value, Triglav is truly a majestic and beautiful summit. This iconic peak counts among the most visited high mountains in Slovenia, even though it is by no means an easy mountain.

This guidebook includes detailed descriptions of 8 classic approaches to Triglav with brief descriptions of several other variants.The routes, which are described clearly and precisely, include topos, maps and photographs. The introductory chapters provide practical hints, a brief historical account of the mountain and an overview of the natural sites.

The descriptions are provided in an easy-to-use format and include everything you need to know in order to successfully and safely ascend this splendid peak.