Hieronder vindt u fietsgidsen in het Engels over grensoverschrijdende fietstochten.

De hieronder opgegeven prijzen zijn inclusief BTW.
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Iron Curtain Trail 1 - Bikeline

Fietsgids Iron Curtain Trail part 1 Barents Sea to German-Polish Border (EV13) - Bikeline / Esterbauer
Fietsgids Ijzeren Gordijn - Iron Curtain Trail - Part 1: Along the "Green Belt" from the Barents Sea to the German-Polish Border

De lange Europese fietsroute Eiserner Vorhang (Iron Curtain) loopt van de Barends Zee tot aan de Zwarte Zee dwars door Noord en Oost Europa
In deel 1 wordt het traject van de Barends Zee naar de Pools-Duitse grens in 3630 kilometer en voert de IJzeren Gordijn route van Kirkenes in het uiterste noorden van Finland langs de Fins-Russische grens vanaf Kirkenes, via Inari, Virolahti en dan de boot naar Narva en verder via de Baltische Staten, Estland, Letland en Litouwen, langs Kalinigrad, naar Gdansk en verder langs de Oostzeekust door Polen tot aan de Duits/Poolse grens. NB andersom kan deze route gebruikt worden om een aanzet te geven richting Sint Petersburg te fietsen!
Het spiraal fietsboekje bevat uitgebreide ENGELSTALIGE beschrijvingen van de route met veel praktische informatie en fietskaarten met de fietsroute ingetekend. Diverse schalen 1:400.000, 1:100.000, 1:75.000

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Iron Curtain Trail 2 - Bikeline

Fietsgids Iron Curtain Trail 2 | Bikeline

Part 2: Along the "Green Belt" from Usedom via the German-German Border Trail to the Czech Border

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Iron Curtain Trail 3 - Bikeline

Part 3: Along the Green Belt from the German-Czech Border to the Black Sea
Engelstalige fietsgids (vertaling van Eiserner Vorhang Teil 3) van Bikeline.

The Iron Curtain stretched over a distance of almost 7,000 kilometres through Europe from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea and divided the continent into east and west. Until the peaceful revolutions in Eastern and Mid-Europe, it was the physical and ideological border between two hostile blocs. Not only were many neighbouring countries separated thereby, but also Germany was divided into east and west. Today there is hardly anything left to see of the former death strip, the remnants are no longer a dividing line.

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Mountain Biking Europe (Footprint)

Mountain Biking Europe

De informatie over de mooiste en meest spectaculaire mountainbike routes van Europa zijn nu verzameld in één prachtig boek:

Mountain Biking Europe
In pursuit of the perfect trail

Mountain biking is the fastest growing outdoor sport in the UK, spanning a wide range of ages and abilities. The number of UK specific spots is growing all the time. In addition, there are numerous UK-based holiday companies offering bespoke mountain biking trips overseas as well as several European ski-resorts re-launching themselves as summer centres for the sport.

Mountain Biking Europe is the first definitive guide to encapsulate every thing the beginner or expert needs to know to enjoy this great sport. Featuring the best trails, the best places to eat and where to stay and even expert tips from professional riders.

Covering both the main mountain biking centres and the smaller operations in each country, Mountain Biking Europe aims to give the user a perfect introduction into how they should organise their mountain biking experience, whether it be a day trip, weekend in the UK or a holiday abroad.

The book starts by explaining the differences between straight downhill riding, Cross County riding, GPS way-finding and freestyle/trails. The chapters are clearly divided by country, or region, which are Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Iberia (and islands), Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Co-written by one of the UK’s leading riders, Mountain Biking Europe takes you downhill, cross-country, GPS finding and freestyle/trail riding across 16 different countries and in over 100 different locations. This unique guide to Europe’s best riding includes information on resorts, bike parks and the classic cross-country routes, plus all the essentials: top tips, local media and websites, the scene, secret spots and must-sees, and all the best rider-friendly places to eat, sleep and drink.

The main voice behind this guide is Rowan Sorrell, a professional mountain bike racer, major contributor to the UK’s major mountain bike magazines as well as owner of Back-On-Track, the premier UK company specialising in the building and development of new and existing mountain bike trails.

So, if you’ve always seen yourself riding freestyle down the trails of Italy, or you simply want to test the waters within the UK, Mountain Biking Europe is the perfect place to start.

Pages: 320
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