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Adventure Motorcycling HB

Reisgids Adventure Motorcycling Handbook - Motorreisgids | Trailblazer
Every red-blooded motorcyclist dreams of making the Big Trip – this comprehensive manual will make that dream a reality. Timbuktu to Kathmandu or Patagonia to Mongolia, whether you're planning your own Big Trip or just enjoy reading about other people's adventures, this book is guaranteed to illuminate, entertain and, above all, inspire.
Fully-revised 6th edition
Practical information – Essential documentation, ten overland machines rated, preparation and gear for riding in or across the countries of the developing world (the ‘AM Zone’) as well as dealing with culture shock, borders, robbery, medical emergencies, accidents, shipping, navigation, wild camping, highway and off-road riding, fault diagnosis plus filming and also overlanding on quads.
Trans-continental route outlines – Across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Improved mapping shows overland routes.
Tales from the Saddle – Spoke-bending moto adventures from the earliest two-wheel pioneers to contemporary first-hand accounts from India, Morocco, South America, Pakistan and Siberia.
More information at – www.adventure-motorcycling.com
The first thing we did was buy Chris Scott's 'Adventure Motorcycling Handbook'.
- Ewan McGregor, The Long Way Round
‘The book that I can say, without exaggeration, helped to change my life ’
- Lois Pryce, Overland Journal (USA)
‘Whether you’re just dreaming of an adventure, or you’ve already started planning, you must read this book ... Chris Scott’s a veteran of serious travel’
- Bike Magazine (UK)
The first edition of the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook ... inspired motorcyclists across the world and launched the motorcycle websites that today bring bikers together to share information and plan their overland adventures.
- The Daily Telegraph
This book has, pound for pound, more hard facts and information about international motorcycle touring than anything else around
- webBikeWorld
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Bearback - the World Overland

by Dr Pat Garrod
'Inspired', 'enthralling' and 'stylish' are just some of the words used to describe the first edition of Bearback. Now in paperback, Pat Garrod's remarkable story is set to be discovered by even more travellers. Imagine jacking it all in, packing your life into a 41-litre pannier and riding into the sunset. Bearback is the story of two GPs who did just that, downing stethoscopes to take off on their motorcycle, The Bear, to see the world. Across the deserts of Africa, over the mountains of the Andes, deep into the jungles of Indochina, and beyond the Arctic Circle; 100,000 miles through six continents and 64 countries. A circumnavigation of epic proportion and entirely unsupported, it was to become one of the longest journeys ever undertaken by a couple on one motorcycle, a journey destined to change their lives forever.

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Britain Bikers'

Bikers' Britain: Britains Best Routes for Bikers [Spiral-bound]

The best motorcycle riding routes in Britain, tried and tested by RiDE magazine. Written by RiDE magazine's Simon Weir and with an introduction by Charlie Boorman, Bikers' Britain is all about the best roads for motorcyclists in the UK, from open throttle straights to expert curves, from soaring mountains to windswept coastlines. It's for the five million native riders and the tens of thousands who visit Britain each year. Each ride is ridden and reviewed and includes a route map so that the content stays fresh whether you use it as a top box essential or bedtime reading for your next dream trip.
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Dreaming of Jupiter

Dreaming of Jupiter


In 2001, Ted Simon decided to retrace his trip round the world by motorbike. It took him two and a half years, during which time he revisited the countries he had travelled through in the 1970s. He found much had changed, and he reflects upon the increased poverty, political
upheavals, environmental issues, and the changes in himself.
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European Driver's HB

European Driver's Handbook
The updated and revised "European Driver's Handbook" is essential reading for anyone who plans to drive in Europe. Featuring expert advice from the AA on how to prepare your car, what documents to take, and what equipment you should carry, it also provides key information on motoring regulations for each country. Easy-to-read maps show toll-free motorways and useful quick reference charts provide information on driving requirements, winter motoring information and principal mountain passes across Europe. A section on useful words and phrases to help assist drivers who get into difficulties on the road and a selection of scenic tours highlight the best each region has to offer. Now featuring 42 countries, the "European Driver's Handbook" is the ideal companion for those driving across this varied and exciting continent.
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Complete Guide to Four-wheel Drive

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Four-by-four Driving

Four-by-four Driving: Off-roader Driving [Hardcover]

Tom Sheppard
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Het Aarden Beest

Het aarden Beest

een bijzonder motoravontuur dwars door Afrika
Sympathiek motorreisverhaal van twee ondernemende Nederlanders (man en vrouw) die met een oude Enfield van Kaapstad naar Egypte reizen, waarbij ze onderweg kamperen in de natuur. Het boek staat vol ontwapenende anekdotes en persoonlijke observaties over landen, volken en hun cultuur. De schrijver filosofeert over wat reizen met hen doet en de invloed die het heeft op hun levenshouding.
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Lois Onderweg

Lois onderweg |Lois Pryce
op de motor van Alaska naar Argentnië
De Engelse Lois Pryce (1973) deed waar veel mensen van dromen: ze zegt haar kantoorbaan op en gaat op reis. Slechts gewapend met de Spaanse woorden voor "voorzichtig" en "kaas" reist ze in haar eentje op haar motor van de meest noordelijke punt van Alaska naar de meest zuidelijke plek van Zuid-Amerika.<
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Modo Enduro

Mondo Enduro: The Ultimate Adventure on Two Wheels - 44,000 Miles in 400 Days
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Motorisch gestoord

Motorisch gestoord

Auteur:J. Overzee
De auteur is redacteur en testrijder van het tijdschrift 'Motor Magazine' en bundelde in dit boek een aantal van zijn motorervaringen. Zo vertrekt hij per vliegtuig naar Afrika en mag daar tweeenhalve week over een Yamaha beschikken, een voorrecht vindt hij zelf. Verder onder meer over een rit in een barre koude winter, over zijn werk bij het tijdschrift, een dialoog onderweg met een passagier, vakantie, en wat iedere automobilist wil weten.
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Overlanders ' HB

Overlanders' Handbook

Worldwide Route and Planning Guide
Chris Scott and his band of globetrotting contributors and specialists have put together the definitive manual for planning and undertaking a vehicle-dependent overlanding adventure across the wilds of Africa, Asia and Latin America.
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Pistes de Mauritanië

Pistes de Mauritanië
Guide 4 x 4

Franstalige gids voor 4x4 en motortochten door Mauritanie - met GPS waypoints

Pays en mutation, pays en développement, la Mauritanie, peu profondément touchée par la colonisation, en bonne partie nomade il y a trois décennies à peine, si elle reste très attachée à ses traditions, n'évolue pas toujours au mieux vers le modernisme. Ce pays, au riche passé historique, composé de plusieurs races, ethnies et tribus parlant plusieurs langues et dialectes, est un pays fascinant ; à la fois dur et austère, rempli de chaleur humaine mais qui ne se laisse pas apprécier au premier abord. Terre de contrastes, dans la nature comme dans la société : on l’aime ou on l'insupporte, mais jamais elle ne laisse indifférent.

"Ce n’est pas un pays que l’on visite superficiellement pour en garder quelques images exotiques. Il faut s’y passionner, s’y quereller, parfois s’y amuser, puis laisser le vent de sable aplanir, égaliser, poncer les expériences et les sentiments, pour n’en conserver que l’essentiel. Ainsi l’on peut comprendre ce pays, par une épreuve d’initiation, en somme. Mais cela en vaut la peine." dit Jean Finore dans la présentation de la Mauritanie sur son site.

Un volume broché de 344 pages, au format 15 x 21 cm. 170 Illustrations noir et blanc et couleurs. Couverture pelliculée en couleurs.

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Published in support of Help for Heroes, this book tells the incredible story of how a group of injured and disabled British service personnel were inspired to compete in the world's toughest motorsport event - the 5,500-mile Dakar Rally Raid in South America - and at the same time raise money for the charity that assisted them during their recovery and rehabilitation. The Race2Recovery team's stories of struggle and sacrifice are mixed with amazing action photographs in this superb all-colour book. The publisher is donating GBP2 for every copy sold to Help for Heroes and the Race2Recovery Foundation in order aid the flagship Personnel Recovery and Assessment Centre at Tedworth House in Wiltshire.
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Right to the Edge

Right to the Edge

Sydney to Tokyo by Any Means

Right to the Edge:Using quad bikes, hovercrafts, wooden scooters, canoes, paragliders, and of course his favorite mode of transportation—motorcycle—Charley travels through some of the most exotic and exciting countries in the world. Along the way he encounters fascinating people and tests his endurance to the limit. Packed with adventure, and written with Charley's trademark humor and enthusiasm, Right to the Edge: By Any Means will delight fans and new readers alike.
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Western Europe Motorcycle Journeys

Motorcycle Journeys through Western Europe
Europe is high on every motorcyclist's travel list because it has great roads, beautiful scenery, centuries of history, and is safe. A stumbling block can be the false perception that it costs too much and takes too much time to figure out exactly where to go. Ballentine shows that Europe by motorcycle can be affordable and doable by leading enthusiasts to the small towns and villages connected by interesting backroads through beautiful, unspoiled countryside. Each ride is based on a theme such as the running of the bulls in Spain, a D-Day tour in France, tulips and windmills in Holland, and a Band of Brothers tour from France to Austria. All are illustrated with stunning full-color photographs. Detailed maps and full route descriptions are included as well as practical information on where to rent motorcycles, driving customs, money, camping, inexpensive accommodations, and the best places to sample regional cuisine. It's a must-have book for anyone considering touring Europe by motorcycle and the perfect companion volume to John Hermann's popular Motorcycle Journeys through the Alps and Beyond, 4th Edition