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Madagascar (Lonely Planet)

Madagascar ed. 06/2016

Reisgids over Madagascar.

Madagascar is as beautiful as it is offbeat. Hankering for luscious biodiversity and top-shelf wildlife? You've hit the jackpot - spot ring-tailed lemurs as you hike through forested canyons or glide your canoe past cliffs carpeted with sleeping bats...

320 pp / 24 pp colour / 71 maps

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Combining the author's unparalleled knowledge of the country - the product of almost 30 visits in as many years - with contributions from nearly 50 experts and countless travellers, this is the guide to Madagascar. Close to 60 maps (all completely revised and updated for this edition), 15 illustrations and 24 pages of colour photographs bring Madagascar to life on the page. Those who are planning a trip will find this an invaluable companion; and those who aren't will soon find themselves wanting to visit this intriguing and unique island.

478 pages · 24 pages of colour photos · 59 maps

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Madagascar Mammals (UK)

Mammals of Madagascar

Madagascar has a unique mammal fauna. Of the 123 species, at least 103 are found nowhere else on earth. It is best known for its 33 species of lemur, but there are also a great variety of tenrecs, bats, rodents, viverrids and mongooses. These groups have demonstrated remarkable adaptive radiation, giving rise to some of the most remarkable species in the world, such as the witch-like Aye-aye, the elegant Fosa and the bizarre Hedgehog Tenrecs. Anyone interested in mammals will hope to explore Madagascar’s extraordinary assemblage of species, and this is the perfect identification guide for the island.

Pages: 304
Size:    234x156 mm.

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Madagascar Wildlife (Bradt)

Madagascar Wildlife

Beautifully illustrated with full-colour photographs throughout, Madagascar Wildlife is a celebration of the unique fauna of a remarkable island. Featuring over 250 species – from lemurs to millipedes – this guide is ideal for natural history enthusiasts and travellers alike. Newly discovered species and recently protected habitats are all covered in this fully revised edition. Also included is practical advice on visiting the key national parks and reserves plus special features on the evolution, camouflage, night-time wildlife and conservation issues.

• Fully updated and expanded to show the changes that have taken place in Madagascar, both in conservation successes and in the discovery of new species

• Over 275 colour photographs — the vast majority of which are new

• Practical tips for wildlife watching and photography

• Madagascar was voted the 2nd most exciting destination by readers of Wanderlust magazine

176 pages · 176 pages of colour photos · 1 map