Hema Australia Desk Map

A complete, easy to read map of Australia showing all borders, capital cities, major towns, highways and connecting routes. Distances between all major destination points are provided. The map features a distinctive Aboriginal design border.

The sides of the map have some photos and information and facts about Australia and it's states and territories.

With a soft rubber backing to prevent slippage and a laminated front to protect it (and your desktop) from spills and damage, this desk map also serves as a giant mouse pad.


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Australië en Nieuw Zeeland wandk. gelamineerd 113 x 99 cm (K&F, 1:5.000.000)

Australia - New Zealand

Wandkaart - wall map laminated

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Australië wandkaart gelamineerd 100 x 88 cm (hema, 1:4.500.000)


wandkaart - wall map laminated
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Nieuw-Zeeland wandkaart gelamineerd 70 x 100 cm (hema, 1:1.600.000)

wandkaarte - wall map laminated
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Grote Oceaan wandkaart 100 x 70cm (hema, 1:24 milj.)

Grote Oceaan - Pacific Ocean

wandkaart - wall map paper