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Birma Dominicus

Reisgids Dominicus Myanmar - Birma | Gottmer

Rijk geillustreerde gids met nadruk op historische en culturele hoogtepunten. Daarnaast nog veel besprekingen van toeristische plaatsen. Zonder meer een complete gids met veel foto’s, is het een lust voor het oog.

Naast de uitgebreide informatie over de bevolking, geschiedenis, politiek en cultuur, biedt de gids onder meer informatie over de hoofdstad Yangon - het vroegere Rangoon - en omgeving, de deelstaat Shan, het pittoreske Inlemeer, Mandalay en de nabijgelegen oude koningssteden, de met tempels en ruïnes bezaaide vlakte van Bagan en de ongerepte stranden in het zuidwesten.

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Burma / Myanmar

Burma - Myanmar / What everyone needs to know
In the past two decades, Burma/Myanmar has become a front-page topic in newspapers across the world. This former British colony has one of the most secretive, corrupt, and repressive regimes on the planet, yet it houses a Nobel Peace Prize winner who is and in and out of house arrest. It has an ancient civilization that is mostly unknown to Westerners, yet it was an important--and legendary--theater in World War II. A picturesque land with mountain jungles and monsoon plains, it is one of the world's largest producers of heroin. It has a restive Buddhist monk population that has captured the attention of the west when it faced off against the regime. And it recently experienced one of the worst natural disasters in modern times, one effect of which was to lay bare the manifold injustices and cruelties of the regime. Burma/Myanmar: What Everyone Needs to Know offers a concise synthesis of this forbidding yet fascinating country. David Steinberg, one of the world's eminent authorities on the region, explains the current situation in detail yet contextualizes it in a wide-ranging survey of Burmese history and culture. Authoritative and balanced, it will be standard work on Burma for the general reading public.
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Burma Alterative Guide

Reisgids Birma Myanmar - Burma , the alternative guide | Thames and Hudson

Bijzondere reisgids over Birma - Myanmar, die je vooral een indruk geeft wat voor geweldig volk en land er schuilt gaat achter het militaire regime. Echt een reisgids voor de ware reiziger, die meer wil weten van het land.

Currently in the grip of an oppressive military junta whose crimes against the people of the country have been condemned across the world, Burma has been much in the news on account of the recent people uprising in protest at the ruling regime (2007) and the devastating cyclone (2008). Despite this, much of what goes on remains unknown to travelers and would-be travelers. Over a lengthy period, Ganz and Jotow undertook a series of journeys through Burma to uncover the truth about life in Burma today, but also to document the beauty and wonderful cultural heritage of this troubled but remarkable country. Although areas of Burma remain inaccessible due to military restrictions and a lack of infrastructure, the authors reveal both the rich rewards that await the keen traveler seeking unspoilt landscapes and the remarkable warmth of the people they met along the way.

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Myanmar - Birmanie LP (French edition)

Myanmar (Birmanie)

6e édition

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Myanmar - Birmanie Petit Futé

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Myanmar - Birmanie Routard 2012/13

Birmanie (Myanmar)

édition 2012-2013

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Myanmar - Burma in Style

Odyssey Guide Myanmar

by Caroline Courtauld

A richly illustrated guide to Burma's culture, history and religion written by a seasoned traveler and Burmese expert. With maps, photographs, well chosen literary excerpts, and an excellent bibliographic essay. Refreshingly direct and engaging.
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Myanmar Culture Shock

Myanmar Birma Burma Culture Shock! guide
Myanmar - Culture Shock! - Saw Myat Yin - alle leuke en niet leuke gebruiken van Myanmar - CultureShock! Myanmar is an illuminating guide to the culture and customs of Myanmar, offering readers a peek into this often-forgotten Asian country. Even though Myanmar has relaxed its restrictions on foreign visitors, the country is still relatively isolated compared to the rapidly globalising world. Find out how the Myanmar people cope with the lack of many daily necessities that those in a developed country take for granted. Be well prepared if you have to live in Myanmar with all the advice and information you need. The author provides you with practical tips on what to bring, what to prepare and where to go. In addition, discover fascinating insights into the inner world of the Myanmar people, their culture, traditions and etiquette as well as practical tips on how to do business with the Myanmar. CultureShock! Myanmar is a must-read for anyone who wants to visit or make his home in this intriguing and exotic country.
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Myanmar Lonely Planet

Reisgids Lonely Planet Myanmar - Birma | Lonely Planet
Should you go to Myanmar? This considered guide helps you weigh up the issues - and, if you do decide to go, shows you how to make travel choices that benefit the locals.

How to choose private, locally owned hotels and eateries
Detailed History and Culture chapters
New itineraries and planning sections
Full-colour highlights section