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Australia Wave-finder

Wave-finder Surf Guide Australia
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Britain & Ireland

Surfing Britain and Ireland.
Combining in-depth, accurate surf information and mapping with surf travel essentials from surf shops and shapers to the best places to sleep, eat, drink and party Surfing Britain and Ireland is the ultimate guide for those looking to maximise their water time. Simply put, the book helps you spend more time surfing and less time searching whether you re looking for where to score the best waves on the day or where to pitch up for the night. Throughout the book, the awesome photography from the Britain and Ireland s leading lensmen will fire you up for home grown surf adventures while the Flat Spells sections will help you though those difficult times when the waves refuse to materialize. There are also tips from Britain's top surfers and local experts, board advice from the UK's top shapers and Surfers Tales, horses mouth stories from around the coast.
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Europe Stormrider

The Stormrider Surf Guide Europe (English and French Edition)
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Extreem Surfen

Extreem surfen - Benjamin Marcus
's werelds meest ultieme en gevreesde golven

Extreem surfen gaat over het extreemste surfgedrag, kijkt welke golf de zwaarste en snelste is, trekt de Amazone op om de angstwekkende pororoca te onthullen en reist naar Engeland voor een rit die meer dan een uur kan duren en waar de grootste gevaren schapen, bomen en oude koelkasten zijn.

Het bevat ook de gigantische breaks van de surfwereld: Jaws, Dungeons, Cyclops, Shipstern's Bluff en Cortes Bank, en onthult de meest gevreesde golven van Noord-Californie tot Tahiti.

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France Stormrider

The Stormrider Surf Guide: France (English and French Edition)
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North America Stormrider

Stormrider Guide North America Surfgids Amerika
Surfgids Noord Amerika voor Canada, USA en Hawaii

In-depth analysis of the waves, the coastal environment, and the rich cultural history of America's passion for wave-riding, combine to make this an authoritative and indispensable tool for the traveling surfer as well as the armchair student.

-Detailed descriptions of North America's main surfing areas are accompanied by a set of unique symbols, expressing the optimum conditions for wind, tide, and swell.
-Crucial input from the Surfrider Foundation grounds a far-reaching environmental appraisal of the continent, investigating pollution, hazards, crowds, consistency, and access issues.
-Accurate road maps define the coastal regions, while superb images from America's finest surf photographers illuminate the surf, environment, and culture
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World Stormrider Vol 2

Stormrider Guide The World Volume 2 - surfgids wereld
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World Stormrider Vol 3

Stormrider Guide The World Volume 3 - surfgids wereld