Wegenkaarten van Midden-Amerika.

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Aruba Berndtson map (1/50.000)

Landkaart - wegenkaart Aruba | Berndtson

Geplastificeerde wegenkaart van het eiland, met een kaart van de hoofdstad. Tweezijdig, met register.

Schaal 1:50.000
Versie 10.0
eenvoudig te vouwen

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Baja California (Mexico) Reise Know How (1:650.000)

Baja California (Mexico) RKH map 

Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en hoogtelijnen. Vochtbestendig en GPS-compatibel.

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Barbados Flexi map

Barbados Insight Flexi Map - 1/60.000
Wegenkaart Barbados zeer gedetailleerde geplastificeerde kaart 1:60.000

Flexi Map Barbados is a laminated, tear-resistant map which has 5 maps, each accompanied by a separate index. It includes a list - with descriptions and some photographs - of 34 recommended sights, divided by theme and linked to the mapping by numbered markers. There is also a handy information section with concise details on getting around, tourist offices, money, tipping, opening times, public holidays, telecommunications, emergency telephone numbers and climate. The main map depicts Barbados at a scale of 1:60 000 (1cm = 0.6km) and highlights numerous places of interest including National Parks, sport and leisure facilities, beaches and coral reefs. The south and west coasts are shown in more detail on separate maps, at 1:30 000 (1cm = 0.3km). Distance indicators, in both miles and kilometres, are given on main routes on all three of these maps and the indexes are categorised for ease of use. Detailed street plans of both Bridgetown and Garrison are also included.
NG 3106
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Belize Adventure map (1/400.000à

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Bonaire Berndtson map (1/60.000)

Landkaart - wegenkaart Bonaire | Berndtson

Geplastificeerde wegenkaart van het eiland, met een kaart van de hoofdstad. Tweezijdig, met register. Waterproof wegenkaart plus stadsplattegrond.

Schaal 1:60.000
Versie 10.0
eenvoudig te vouw

Caraibes IGN
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Caraïbes IGN (1:3.000.000)


Overzichtkaart van het ganse Caraiben-gebied van Grand Bahama tot Trinidad.
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Costa Rica - Panama Reise Know How (1:550.000)

Costa Rica - Panama

Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en hoogtelijnen. Vochtbestendig en GPS-compatibel.

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Costa Rica Borsch (Berndtson) (1:650.000)

Costa Rica 

Vochtbestendige wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex, stadskaart van San José met straatnamenindex, detailkaart van Mese Central op 1:300.000 en nuttige informatie in meerdere talen.
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Costa Rica Field Guide Map

Birds of the Pacific Coast and the Tropical Dry Forest
This is a double sided laminated field guide with illustrations of 100 birds most commonly found from Nicaragua's southern border through the Guanacaste region, south to Manuel Antonio National Park. Each species is identified by their English, Spanish and Latin Names.
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Cuba - Havana & Central Cuba

Plattegrond Havana - Cuba Central | ITMB 1/420.000 - 1/12.000
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Cuba Borch map

Wegenkaart - landkaart Cuba | Borch 1/1 mio
IGN 85048 Cuba
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Cuba IGN (1:1.230.000)


Wegenkaart van Cuba met toeristische informatie en verscheidene stadskaarten.

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Cuba Michelin map

Wegenkaart - landkaart 786 Cuba | Michelin 1/800.000
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Cuba NGS Adventure map

Wegenkaart - landkaart 3112 Adventure Map Cuba | National Geographic
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Cuba Oost & West F&B

Wegenkaart - landkaart kaartenset Cuba oost en west | Freytag & Berndt 1/400.000
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Cuba Reise Know How (1:850.000)


Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en hoogtelijnen. Vochtbestendig en GPS-compatibel.

NG 3102
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Dominican Republic Adventure map (1/450.000)


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Dominikaanse Rep.Reise Know How (1:450.000)

Dominikaanse Republiek

Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en hoogtelijnen. Vochtbestendig en GPS-compatibel.

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Dominikaanse Republiek Freytag & Berndt (1:600.000)

Dominikaanse Republiek F&B map

Wegenkaart met toeristische informatie.
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Guadeloupe IGN map (1/100.000)

Wegenkaart - landkaart Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin - Sint Maarten, Saint-Barthélémy | IGN
Landkaart van deze voormalige Franse kolonie. Vanzelfsprekend gemaakt door de Franse topografische dienst. Gedetailleerde topografische wegenkaart Guadeloupe, Sint Maarten en St Barts schaal 1:100.000 met opdruk van bezienswaardigheden, stranden en wandelpaden en stadsplattegronden van Basse-Terre en Pointe a Pitre

Les cartes routières et touristiques des départements et territoires d’Outre-mer vous permettent de découvrir ces destinations exotiques que sont la Guyane, la Réunion, les Comores, la Martinique, la Guadeloupe, la Nouvelle Calédonie et la Polynésie.
Une gamme de 22 titres, tous riches de renseignements touristiques (marchés locaux, artisanat, sites intéressants) et d’informations sur les activités de plein-air (surf, plongée sous-marine, vol libre, équitation) sont à votre disposition pour vous faire connaitre et apprécier ces destinations lointaines.

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Guadeloupe Mic Zoom 137

Michelin - Carte Zoom Outre-mer n°137 - Guadeloupe - Saint-Martin - Saint Barthélemy 1/80.000
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Guatemala - Belize Reise Know How (1:500.000)

Guatemala - Belize RKH map

Strassenkarte mit Ortsverzeichnis.

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Guatemala ITM Map 1/470.000

Wegenkaart - Landkaart Guatemala | ITMB
Een degelijke kaart met aanduidingen van o.a. nationale parken, vliegveld, benzinepomp, dirt-roads en kleine plattegrond van hoofdstad. Als overzichtskaart goed te gebruiken.

Guatemala has emerged as a major touristic destination, and this detailed map shows touristic sites, historic towns, and remote roads to good advantage. Insets of Guatemala City and of Antigua are included; printed double-sided on durable ITM plastic paper.

Roads by classification, parks, points of interest, airports, archaeological sites, waterfalls, lighthouses, gas stations, border crossing points, and other information

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Guatemala NGS Adv. map

Guatemala Wegenkaart 1:500.000 - Adventure map National Geographic 3110
Wegenkaart van Guatemala op schaal 1:500.000 met vermelding van veel bezienswaardigheden, nationale parken en attrakties. Watervast en scheurvast.
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Jamaica Freytag & Berndt (1:300.000)

Jamaica F&B map 

Wegenkaart met toeristische informatie.
Jamaica ITM
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Jamaica ITM (1:250.000)

Jamaica ITM map 

Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en toeristische informatie.
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Jamaica Reise Know How (1:150.000)

Jamaica RKH map 

Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en hoogtelijnen. Vochtbestendig en GPS-compatibel.

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Martinique IGN (1:100.000)

Martinique IGN map 

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Martinique Mic Zoom 138

Carte Martinique - Carte ZOOM n°138 1/80.000

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Mayan World Atlas ITM

Mayan World Atlas Scale Varies ITM
This is the new atlas for Mayan World cover Mexico: Tabasco, Chiapas, Yucatan, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Belize, Guatamala, Honduras, El Salvador. This is the first and only map in market which cover the world of Mayan.
NG 3108
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Mexico Adventure map (1/2.400.000)

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Mexico Michelin map (1/2.250.000) ed 2012

Peru Michelin Map 1 cm - 22,5 km

City plan Mexico

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Mexico Reise Know How (1:2.250.000)

Mexico RKH map 

Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en hoogtelijnen. Vochtbestendig en GPS-compatibel.

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Nicaragua - Honduras - El salvador reise Know How (1:650.000)

Nicaragua - Honduras - El salvador map 

Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en hoogtelijnen. Vochtbestendig en GPS-compatibel.

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Nicaragua ITM (1:755.000)

Nicaragua  ITM map 

Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en toeristische informatie.
NG 3105
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Northern Yucatan Peninsula Adventure map (1/500.000)


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Panama ITM (1:300.000)

Wegenkaart - Landkaart Panama |ITMB

Een degelijke kaart met aanduidingen van o.a. nationale parken, vliegveld, benzinepomp, dirt-roads en kleine plattegrond van hoofdstad. Als overzichtskaart goed te gebruiken.

Panama on an indexed, double-sided map from ITMB, printed on waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper, with large, clear street plan of central Panama City highlighting various places of interest and tourist facilities, including 18 selected hotels.

The map divides the country east/west, with some overlap between the two sides. Topography is shown by altitude colouring with spot heights and names of mountain ranges. Swaps, mangrove and salt marshes are marked, and national parks or protected areas and Indian Reserves highlighted.

The map shows the country’s road network with locations of petrol stations and border crossings, plus railways and local airports or landing grounds. Internal administrative boundaries are shown with names of the provinces. Symbols highlight various places of interest, archaeological sites, hot springs, beaches, diving or surfing sites, fishing areas, turtle protection zones, etc. Also marked is the course of the Trans-Panamanian oil pipeline. The map is indexed and has latitude and longitude lines at intervals of 30’.

A large inset shows the central part of Panama City, indicating 18 selected hotels, places of interest and various facilities.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, rivers, lakes, national parks and protected areas, airports, ports, gas stations, police checkpoints, museums, beaches, hot springs, archeological sites, lighthouses, viewpoints, outdoor activities, points of interest and other information.

NG 3101
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Panama Adventure map (1/475.000)


Pan-Americana North ITM Atlas

Pan-Americana North Atlas- ITMB
The Pan-American Highway was created by the USA to improve road communications within the Western Hemisphere post-WW2. The highway started at the Mexican border and eventually reached somewhere south of Santiago in Chile. It was a vote-buying gimmick by the Americans to fund allies, but it also created an essential spine road through Central America to the Darien Gap and along the west coast of South America to the then-limits of Chile. Driving the Pan-Am has become a travel experience. More recently, the improvement in more northerly highways, such as the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, the paving of most of the Stewart Highway through British Columbia, and the tremendous improvement in highway infrastructure in Mexico over the past two decades, has made possible the long-awaited Panamericana Adventure Highway. Stretching from the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay south to the famous Alaska Highway, then east into Canada s Yukon, the Panamericana takes a westerly route along the coast and an easterly route through Edmonton and south to Texas. The western route is more interesting, in that much of it runs through pristine mountain wilderness. We have chosen the western route for this atlas, following the Pacific Coast as closely as possible through BC, Washington/Oregon/California to Tijuana. From here, the route can follow south through Baja California or head east and south along the eastern side of the Gulf of Colorado, past Mazatlan and Acapulco to join the original Pan-American at the Guatemala border. From Guatemala south to Panama, the Panamericana North (or Norte) is the original and well-maintained Pa-Am.
NG 3107
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Puerto Rico Adventure map (1/125.000à

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Saint Lucia ITM map (1/40.000)

Saint Lucia 1:40,000 Travel Map
Saint Lucia Travel Reference Map 1st Ed. 2011 1:40,000. It is one of the loveliest and most popular of the Caribbean island states. It is an ideal vacation travel destination, with excellent beaches, snorkelling, and accommodation facilities. It is also the hub of Carib ferry services, with boats plying between Castries, the capital, and St. Vincent to the south and Martinique to the north. This new service allows island-hopping to be practical for those on a budget, or those wishing to have a pleasant sea cruise combined with the opportunity to visit other islands. The map itself is at an excellent scale, shows physical features as well as roads, and locates all current touristic activity. This is a place I want to ground-truth this winter!!! Printed on paper, single-sided, inset of Castries;
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Virgin Islands Berndtson map (1/80.000)

Virgin Islands, US & British

Berndtson Virgin Islands: US & British - Road Map is a complete road map to the islands of both the British Virgin Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands with an index to place names, points of interest, public buildings, beaches, islands, hotels, and parks. The map shows highways, main roads, secondary roads, carriage ways, point-to-point distances in kilometers, points of interest, parking lots, gasoline stations, hospitals, police stations, information centers, car rental lots, international airports, airfields, post offices, caves, churches, synagogues, castles, ruins, libraries, cinemas, museums, broadcasting stations, tennis courts, golf courses, lighthouses, windmills, hotels, beaches, deep sea fishing spots, SCUBA diving spots, yachting spots, international harbors, parasailing spots, surfing spots, snorkling spots, windsurfing spots, shipwrecks, national parks, marine national parks, camping sites, bird sanctuaries, riding spots, vantage points, mangroves, reefs, and altitudes in feet.

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Yucatan schiereiland (Mexico) Reise Know How (1:650.000)

Yucatan schiereiland (Mexico) map 

Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenindex en hoogtelijnen. Vochtbestendig en GPS-compatibel.