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First World War - Osprey + free map MIC 371

The First World War

The War to End All Wars

(+ free map West Flanders Mic 371)

Raging for over four years across the tortured landscapes of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the First World War changed the face of warfare forever. Characterised by slow, costly advances and fierce attrition, the great battles of the Somme, Verdun and Ypres incurred human loss on a scale never previously imagined. This book, with a foreword by Professor Hew Strachan, covers the fighting on all fronts, from Flanders to Tannenberg and from Italy to Palestine. A series of moving extracts from personal letters, diaries and journals bring to life the experiences of soldiers and civilians caught up in the war.
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Mapping First World War + free map MIC371

Mapping the First World War

The Great War Through Maps from 1914-1918

+ free map West Flanders MIc 371

Follow the conflict of the World War 1 from 1914-1918 through a unique collection of historical maps, expert commentary and photographs.

Published in association with the Imperial War Museum, this includes over 100 maps from the First World War, many of which are previously unpublished. Along with the maps, key historical events are described, providing readers with an authoritative plotted history of the war from an expert historian.

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Silent Cities - Flanders Fields + free map MIC 371

Silent Cities of Flanders Fields

The WWI Cemeteries of Ypres Salient and West Flanders

+ free map West Flanders MIC 371 

'Silent Cities' depicts the history of the 230 war cemeteries around Ypres, in the Salient and the rest of West Flanders. The most special graves are described and illustrated, sorted by cemetery. The stories of the most famous soldiers are highlighted in separate frameworks, giving the history of their origins and their lives.

This ultimate work of reference is illustrated with over 1000 images and highlights more than 500 special graves. It includes a free, separate visitor's guide with maps and schemes of all cemeteries that you can take along and a Preface by the Commonwealth War Grave Commission.