Reisgids van Zuid-Afrika in het Engels.

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Camp & Caravan

South Africa Caravaning Camping Atlas Ms

Nothing is more rewarding than taking the family on a camping trip, spending quality time together and enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature. This handy guide will assist you in choosing your destination, be it a star-rated beach resort or a remote bush camp. The sites are listed by province with colour-coding for easy reference. Each entry contains a brief description of the site, type of resort, price range, symbols showing the facilities available and the Tourism Grading Council rating, where applicable. Full contact details and GPS co-ordinates are supplied. Additional features include a quick-finder which lists over 600 caravan and camping sites, icons indicating price range, facilities and amenities, toll road and distance information, detailed provincial and area maps, useful camping check-list and emergency numbers.

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Game Drive

Game Drive: A Safari Guide
This is a unique little hardcover that offers the ideal, full-colour guide to getting the most out of a safari or wildlife-spotting trip. Filled with the most amazing photography from the Van den Bergs, it provides a practical guide to spotting, identifying and recording the wildlife likely to be encountered in the great game reserves of southern Africa. They are home to more than 200 species of mammal, 500 bird species and a wealth of reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. Key Features: the book begins with the basics: the best time of day, how to drive, where to look, type of binoculars, fundamentals of photography; and, 'How to use this book' introduces the concept underpinning this little diamond: opposite an iconic full-page colour photograph of each animal is a page containing its name in Latin, English, Afrikaans, German, French and Zulu. This title features a full description of habitat, characteristics and defining features, followed follows, then key statistics, including when the creature is active, height, mass, social structure, horn size (or other distinguishing feature), gestation and life-expectancy. It includes: separate section for reptiles and birds; a section on spotting spoor, plus a quick-find guide and an index of animals; and, paper quality, printing, binding and ease-of-use are of the highest order. It is perfect complement to any standard guide book.
Kruger NP Pack
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Kruger National Park Globetrotter

Kruger National Park guide + map

Practical, informative and user-friendly, the Globetrotter Travel Guide to the Kruger National Park highlights the major camps, describing their principal attractions and offering sound suggestions on where to stay, view the wildlife and relax.


THE AUTHOR Having spent his childhood in the Kruger National Park, Dr L.E.O. Braack is singularly qualified to write about this, one of the world's finest game parks. He has an intimate knowledge of the Park, its attractions and its prolific wildlife, and has written a number of books on the subject.


Ideal for the first-time visitor.

Over 25 full-colour area maps, major camps and locator maps .

Over 100 full-colour photographs.

Including travel map 1:200.000


Pages: 128
Size:  13 cm x 18,5 cm


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Kruger NP

Kruger National Park Visitor's Guide & Atlas.
Detailed visitors guide and touring map to the Kruger National Park. The guide includes detailed maps with GPS points, an overview map of the panorama route, eco-zone maps with descriptions and maps of the main camp sites. The guide provides detailed fauna & flora descriptions throughout, detailed description of the Big Five, illustrated dominant topography regions, a checklist for birds & mammals, and a wildlife identification guide. Also included in the guide are handy hints & tips, visitor's facilities, gate times & phone numbers, contact details and booking information.
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Kwazulu Natal Mapstudio Tourist Atlas

Wegenatlas met heel wat toeristische informatie, stadsplannen, kaarten van parken, talrijke kleurenfoto’s en index van plaatsnamen. Ideaal voor een eerste bezoek.

21 pages of road maps covering the KwaZulu-Natal region, showing major routes, secondary roads, places of interest.
32 pages of the main tourist areas featuring Scenic routes, Historical sites, Forest Reserves, Nature Reserves, Hiking trails, etc.

Aantal blz.: 112
Formaat : 24 cm x 14 cm
Taal: Engels
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Mpumalanga - Lowveld & Kruger National Park Mapstudio Tourist Atlas

Mpumalanga Lowveld & Kruger National Park

Wegenatlas met detailkaarten, stadsplannen en toeristische informatie.

Top tips.
Full colour maps.
Town plans.
Ideal for the first time visitor.
Concise and informative text.
Full colour photographs.
Concise index of place names.
Contact details and general information.
Pages: 88
Size: 14 cm x 24 cm

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National parks & Nature reserves

National Parks and Nature Reserves: A South African Field Guide
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South Africa Bike

Bike: Tar and Gravel Adventures in South Africa, by Greg Beadle

Greg Beadle's guide 'Bike: Tar and Gravel Adventures in South Africa' is recommending eateries and accommodation based on personal experience, and recommending motorbike routes in different parts of South Africa.

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South Africa Chic hotels - lodges - spas

South Africa Chic   
hotels - lodges - spas

Een echt kwijlboek met de beschrijving en foto’s van 62 exclusieve hotels in Zuid-Afrika.


South Africa Chic is the authoritative guide to this magnificent country's most luxurious city hotels, rambling safari lodges and rustic country inns. The properties featured have been chosen for their individual, original style and chic allure.

Each of the 62 properties is described in detail, from their architecture and design to the finer touches found at the best hotels, to help readers make the most of their time in South Africa. A fact box provides a wealth of essential information on each properly and its nearby attractions.

Seven generously illustrated chapters introduce readers to the sights of each province, revealing their inimitable charms and the stories behind them, providing the perfect gateway to South Africa.


Pages: 256

Size: 21,5 cm x 21,5 cm

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Southern Africa Drive

This pictorial journey of Southern Africa divides the region into seven major driving routes.
This driving atlas covers South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe & Mozambique. This pictorial journey of Southern Africa divides the region into 7 major driving routes. Each driving route opens with pictorial spread; containing strip map showing distances & places along the route. Beautiful images show the reader the visual. Journey they are about to drive. Following this, the route is split into smaller more detailed routes covering; areas of interest along the route. Sites of special interest are highlighted in more detail with images or maps. 60 top sites along each route are covered as a double page, with more detailed mapping & images. The town plans section has 96 city & town maps, covering all the capital cities & important towns along the chosen route. The comprehensive road atlas has 64 pages of seamless mapping covering the entire Southern African. Region at a scale of 1,5 million. The resource section has 11 pages of contact details & listings of tour operators & tourist authorities.
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Wild Southern Africa

Wild Southern Africa National Parks and Reserves

Natuurgids en atlas WILD Zuidelijk Afrika

Covers all the major national parks and reserves in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique & Lesotho Overview of Southern Africa with coverage of peace parks, malaria areas, time zones, cities and towns, and facts. Detailed coverage of over 300 parks and reserves, with information text, beautiful photographs, and location maps Information boxes covering park size, fauna and flora, nearest town and airport location, contact details, camp facilities, accommodation and seasonal information Handy Quickfinder and index of parks. Detailed maps with GPS Co-ordinates at key points Seasonal information for all parks (gate times, summer & winter Southern Africa times, day visitors etc.)

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Southern Africa Wildlife

The Wildlife of Southern Africa
A Field Guide to the Animals and Plants of the Region