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Golija (1/50.000)

Golija wandelkaart 1:50.000 Geokarta Servie
Dinaric alps, south-west Serbia
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Radan Mountain map (1/50.000)

Radan i okolne planine wandelkaart 1:50.000 Servie
Radan mountain & surrounding area - tourist map 1:50,000 southern Serbia
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Rajac Mountain map (1/25.000)

Rajac Suvoborski 1:25.000 wandelkaart Servie
Rajac mountain - tourist map 1:25,000 north-west Serbia
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Valjevske Planine (1/50.000)

Valjevo Mountain Range
Valjevo Mountain Range at 1:50,000 on a detailed, GPS compatible map from the Belgrade based Geokarta highlighting waymarked hiking trails and tourist accommodation, with on the reverse extensive notes about the area.

The map shows the topography by contours at 20m intervals, with colouring for the forested areas. An overprint highlights waymarked hiking trails and symbols indicate locations of hotels/motels. Rest homes, campsites and mountain huts, various places of interest, etc. All place names are in the Latin alphabet only. The map has latitude and longitude lines at intervals of 5’.

On the reverse are extensive notes about various aspects of the area illustrated with colour photos.

Map legend and all the text include English.