Lonely Planet Cuba

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Sun-drenched beaches, classic cars, legendary music and world-class cigars - Cuba is an island paradise unlike any other. Revel in Havana's heated nightlife, cool off in the parks and plazas of Holguin and be inspired by rousing revolutionary monuments everywhere. Connect with the real Cuba using our unparalleled guide to this complex and fascinating island.

. FIND YOUR WAY -loads of detailed maps, more than any other guide to the island

. GET BELOW THE SURFACE - informed and insightful features on history, culture and contemporary life

. ESCAPE THE CROWDS - insider tips from our Cuba expert point you to the island's best-kept secrets

. REST EASY - opinionated reviews on the best lodging options for all budgets, from casas particulares to high­ end resorts

. TALK THE TALK - our easy-to-use Spanish guide keeps you street-smart and clued-in


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