Denali Climbing Guide

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 Denali Climbing Guide

R.J. Secor, a veteran mountaineer with more than 2S years' experience, describes in detail 40 routes and 24 variations to the summit of Denali, including approaches from the north, south, west, southwest, and southeast.

"R.]. has done a scholarly and hands-on job of compiling the first comprehensive

guide to all routes on one of the world's greatest peaks. For the first time, climbers

new to Denali and those returning for a second route have a single, authoritative source of information. I would not return to Denali without this new guide. "

                                                        -Peter Metcalf, CEO and co-founder,

                                                           Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd.

"This book is an excellent resource for Denali-bound climbers. It contains a wealth of climbing information as well as excellent pictures to highlight the different routes

and conditions."                                 -Daryl R. Miller, Mountaineering ranger,

                                                           Denali National Park

"Mountaineers will find this work exceptionally helpful in deciding what they want

from their next Denali experience. " - Vern Tejas, Guide, Denali National Park

Pages: 142
Dimensions: 15 cm x 23 cm