Cicerone: Kilimanjaro

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Kilimanjaro, a national park and a World Heritage Site, is Africa's highest mountain, the world's tallest freestanding massif and one of the world's largest volcanoes. This snow­capped dormant volcano towers almost 5km above Tanzania's savannah. Yet it is possible to reach the 5895m summit without any technical climbing ability. This classic African trek passes through cloud forest, alpine moorland, high desert and a barren summit zone to reach Uhuru Peak, the 'roof of Africa'. A trek on this beautiful peak, which is one of the world's coveted Seven Summits, is a daunting, exciting challenge in defiance of the extreme altitude.

The guide includes:

. a comprehensive introduction to getting to and trekking on the mountain, and information on trek preparation, health issues and ,visas

. a detailed account of  Kilimanjaro's geology, explo­ration and its flora and fauna

. complete route descriptions of the mountain's six ascent routes, three summit ascent routes and

the descent paths

. useful appendices that include lists of addresses, outfitters and accommodation providers.


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