National Trail Guides: North Downs Way (Farnham - Dover)

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North Downs Way 
Farnham - Dover

The North Downs Way is the National Trail that follows the Countryside Agency's acorn waymarks from Farnham to the coast at Dover. This picturesque Trail takes in chalk ridges, river valleys and sections of the Pilgrims' Way. At the eastern end you can either walk via Canterbury (a total distance of 130 miles, 208 km) or follow the southern route (123 miles, 197 km). This is the com­plete, official guide for the long-distance walker or the weekend stroller. All you need is this one book. It contains:

- the entire route split into convenient sections

- 1:25 000 Ordnance Survey maps for each section marked with points of special interest

- circular routes off the trail for shorter walks, enabling you to explore the local area

- route information on each section, with colour photographs and notes on nearby features

- background information on local history, wildlife, archaeology, geology, industry and land use

- details of public transport, villages on or near the route with facilities for walkers, useful organisations and accommodation, including camping sites

- the Countryside Access Charter on your rights and responsibilities when out in the countryside.


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