Esterbauer Bikeline Cycling Guide Provence

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Cycling Guide Provence

Avignon - Nimes - Aries - Camargue

Provence - The name alone sounds inviting to every traveller. The region's wonderfully mild climate and many quiet paved roads make it an ideal destination for bicycle tourists year round. Let yourself be enchanted by ancient towns and historic monasteries, by the scent from fields of rich lavender, the charm of tiny villages and French joie de vivre. Enjoy the contrasts presented by the peaceful expanses of the Camargue, with its glittering blue bays and herds of Camargue horses grazing in a landscape dotted with brilliantly white farmsteads. A refreshing plunge into the Mediterranean is just one of the many highlights of this bicycle tour.

This Cycling Guide includes detailed maps of the countryside and of many cities and towns, precise route descriptions, information about historic and cultural sites as well as background information and a comprehensive list of overnight accommodations. The only thing this guide cannot provide is fine cycling weather, but we hope you find nothing but sunshine and gentle tailwinds.


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