Cadogan: Historic London Walks

historic london walks
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Historic London Walks

Historic London Walks takes to the pavement and traces the story of one of the most famous capitals in the world. Discover the mythic connections between London and the city of Troy; where Joseph Stalin’s favourite hotel was, which famous landmark is also a fully functioning telescope and where ‘Gin Lane’ and ‘Little Britain’ can be found.

With gripping detail, each walk brilliantly evokes a period in the life of the city including the foundation of the Roman city, the thrilling narrative of the Great Fire of 1666 and the glories of the 1851 Crystal Palace. Along the way portraits are painted of the major players who created, build and lived in the city through the centuries. From Kings and Queens, and architects of great buildings and gardens such as John Stow, Christopher Wren and John Nash, to shopkeepers, female gladiators and artists.


Pages: 238
Size: 12,5 x 21,5 cm