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Southafrica Chic
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South Africa Chic   
hotels - lodges - spas

Een echt kwijlboek met de beschrijving en foto’s van 62 exclusieve hotels in Zuid-Afrika.


South Africa Chic is the authoritative guide to this magnificent country's most luxurious city hotels, rambling safari lodges and rustic country inns. The properties featured have been chosen for their individual, original style and chic allure.

Each of the 62 properties is described in detail, from their architecture and design to the finer touches found at the best hotels, to help readers make the most of their time in South Africa. A fact box provides a wealth of essential information on each properly and its nearby attractions.

Seven generously illustrated chapters introduce readers to the sights of each province, revealing their inimitable charms and the stories behind them, providing the perfect gateway to South Africa.


Pages: 256

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