Lonely Planet: Best of Beijing

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Best of Beijing

Cleanse your soul in the Palace of Heavenly Purity, practice t'ai chi in Fragrant Hills Park, lose yourself in amazement on top of the Great Wall. More welcoming than ever, China's centuries-old seat of power bursts with extraordinary experiences. Best of Beijing puts the whole city in your pocket.

. MAKE PLANNING A BREEZE with our accessible fold-out map section and detailed itinerary suggestions

. EXPERIENCE THE FORBIDDEN using discerning coverage of the city's famous sights and undiscovered treasures

. DINE IN IMPERIAL STYLE - from the crispiest Peking duck

to the most fiery baijiu, the cream of Beijing's sophisticated

eating and drinking scene

. JOIN IN THE ACTION with the rundown on the finest kung fu exhibitions, acrobatic performances and much more

. REPOSE IN TRANQUILLITY - unwind your qi in China's most chic hotels and guesthouses


Pages: 126
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