Vacation Work: Live and work in China

China live & work
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 Live and work in China

A detailed survey of the opportunities for living & working in China - from

Hong Kong to Shanghai and from Macau to Beijing


Living in China

How to...

~ Secure a residence permit

~ Find your ideal home

~ Obtain a competitive mortgage

~ Deal with surveys & conveyancing

~ Choose a suitable school

~ Open the right bank account

~ Get the best health care

~ Learn the language quickly

~ Organise your retirement abroad

~ Make the most of your leisure time Working in China


Full details on...

~ Finding suitable employment

~ Submitting the correct documents

~ Skills and trades most in demand

~ Seasonal & temporary work

~ Salaries, hours and holidays

~ Trade unions and contracts

~ Starting/buying your own business

~ Raising the required finance

~ Government incentives

~ Sources of advice and assistance


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