In Siberia (Colin Thubron)

In Siberia
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In Siberia

'This is a truly outstanding hook ... In his 15,OOO-mile epic, Thubron has penetrated the topography and the soul of Siberia… Read this book'  (Justin Cartwright, Observer)


'This new book is Thubron's finest achievement to date... he is a marvellous storyteller... Rasputin lookalikes, religious shamans and Gulag survivors all create an enduring image of Siberia that is less a country than a strange region in the mind... Colin Thubron has completed a glorious quartet of travel books with In Siberia. Scholarly, superbly written, it will last well into the next millennium'  (Ian Thomson, Guardian)


A book that greatly affected me ... just for once I was genuinely proud of the writer's calling'  (Jan Morris, Daily Telegraph Books of the Year)


Pages:  288

Size: 13 cm x 19,5 cm