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Saint Petersburg Museum
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Saint Petersburg
Museums, Palaces and Historic Collections

"Saint Petersburg is, as we all agree, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe; but because of its chequered twentieth century history, it is still one of the least well known. For most of us Saint Petersburg is no more than an acquaintance. We are still getting to know it and for such a purpose we need all the help we can lay our hands on. You now hold in your hands the first guide book exclusively devoted to the lesser known museums in the city. It will tell you what they are, where they are, when they are open and what you can expect to find in them. It will open a new world, a Saint Petersburg that lies behind the great palaces and churches; that has seen much, experienced much and suffered much; and that is prepared to reveal its secrets to anyone who takes the trouble to investigate and inquire. " From the introduction to this book by John Julius Norwich


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