Trailblazer Cornwall Coast Path

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Cornwall Coast Path

The Cornwall Coast Path follows a National Trail for 160 miles (258km) around the western tip of Britain and com­prises some of the best coastal walking in Europe.

With constantly changing scenery, the footpath takes in secluded coves. tiny fishing vil­lages. rocky headlands. bustling resorts. wooded estuaries and golden surf-washed beaches. It is an area rich in wildlife. with seabirds. wild flowers. dolphins and seals.


- Includes 80 walking maps - the largest-scale maps available

At a scale of just under 1:20.000 (Bcm or 31/8 inches to I mile) these are bigger than even the most detailed walking maps currently available in the shops.

- Unique mapping features - walking times. directions. tricky junctions. places to stay. places to eat. points of interest. These are not general-purpose maps but fully-edited maps drawn by walkers for walkers.

- Itineraries for all walkers - whether hiking the 160-mile route in its entirety or sampling the highlights on day walks or short breaks. Includes detailed public transport information for all access points.

- Practical information for all budgets what to see. where to stay. where to eat: pubs. hotels. B&B. camping. bunkhouses, hostels.


Pages: 194
Size: 12 cm x 18 cm