Cicerone Via de la Plata (Seville/Granada to Santiago)

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Via de la Plata
(Seville/Granada to Santiago)

A walker's guide to the southern pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. Nearly 1000km long, the Camino mozarabe, orVia de la Plata, starts in Seville or Granada and leads north and then northwest through the historic towns and varied scenery of Extremadura, Castille and Galicia. Most of it is also suitable for mountain (but not touring) bikes.

. Description of the route, with clear mapping

. continuation of the route from Santiago to Finisterre (75km)

. summary of Santiago and other pilgrim references along the way

. glossary of geographical and other useful items. This is the only published guide to include the Granada-Merida section of the route.


Pages: 311

Size: 11,5 cm x 17 cm

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