Cicerone GR20 Corsica

Corsica GR20
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GR20 Corsica

Corsica's GR20 is one of Europe's greatest adventure treks, and has a reputation for being the toughest of the GR routes. The GR20 negotiates magnificent mountain terrain as it follows Corsica's rocky central spine along the length of the island. While some sections of the route are on walking trails, others are on bare rock and involve some quite exposed scrambling.

The GR20 is more than just a walk: it's an experience. Enjoy it to the full!

. Background information on how to get there, what to take and full details of facilities along the way.

. Full route description, including high- and low-level alternative routes, links with nearby villages and

mountains ascents.

. Sketch maps, route profiles and colour photographs.


Pages: 236
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