The Andes - A guide for climbers

The Andes-A guide for cli
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The Andes - A guide for climbers

The Andes

A Guide for Climbers

3rd Edition

. The only comprehensive guidebook to the peaks of the Andes.

. Alt 102 of the 6000m peaks described.

. Over 210 lower peaks described.

. 350 photos, including over 160 route diagrams.

. 84 colour sketch maps.

. Full colour


The mountains of the Andes offer a tremendous variety of climbing. From easy high altitude strolls in Argentina to hard ED ice or rock peaks in Peru and Patagonia. From the remote 6000m peaks of the Puna de Atacama to the accessible 6000m peaks of Bolivia's Cordillera Real which can be climbed in a weekend.

This is the third edition of the only comprehensive guidebook to the peaks of the Andes. It covers many areas and peaks not described in any other guidebook.


“... for a complete overview of the continents snow-capped ranges, inspiration to plan expeditions to its more remote regions and the most up-to-date access information available 'The Andes' will prove the essential source of reference I as well as being a first-rate practical guide" 2nd edition, High magazine.


April 2000 John Biggar has been climbing and skiing in the Andes for over sixteen years and has climbed many of the highest peaks, including all of the ten highest. When not in South America he lives in Castle Douglas, Scotland where he runs a business which specialises in mountaineering, skiing and trekking expeditions to the Andes.



Pages: 304

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