The Andes - A guide for Climbers and Skiers

The Andes-A guide for cli
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The Andes - A guide for climbers - John Biggar

Route information for all 100 of the major 6000m mountains, plus over 300 other peaks.The best ski-mountaineering peaks in over 10 areas across 5 countries.Over 200 diagrams, 270 photos and 80 maps.This is the 5th English edition of the only complete guidebook to the peaks of the Andes. It covers many areas not described in any other source. Previous editions have been translated into French, Spanish, Polish and Czech. The author, John Biggar (pictured left), is a very experienced high-altitude mountaineer who has been climbing and skiing in the Andes for 30 years and has made ascents of over 350 peaks higher than 5000m.