Fontainebleau Climbs

Fontainebleau CL.
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Fontainebleau Climbs

Fontainebleau, the climbers Mecca reborn.


A new guide for a new way of climbing.

Which areas? Which circuits?

Which boulders?

What grade? OK for children?

When it's hot? After rain? Where to stay?

This user-friendly guide has all the answers.


If you want to locate a particular grade of circuit, just choose the area of the forest you want to climb in, and look up the colour of the circuit of that grade: from yellow for beginners, to white for experts.


Routes to suit everyone, from beginner to expert

It's easy to locate a boulder problem, simply look it up in the summarized list of routes, which will give you its grade and a quick look at the area map will help you pinpoint the right boulder.


If you want to take your children climbing a glance at the opening box symbols (pictogram) will help you decide on the most suitable area.

Detailed maps, showing numbered boulders, the location of routes and coloured circuits.

Summarized lists of circuits and boulders with route grades.


An area, a circuit, a boulder, a grade at a glance

The opening symbols to each area show ease of access, how busy an area is,

if it catches the sun or dries quickly after rain, how committing the problems are and how suitable for children. .Over a hundred maps

. Nearly forty areas

. Over a hundred circuits

. Nearly three thousand routes


Advice on equipment and safety.

A thousand and one practical suggestions to simplify your climbing.


Pages: 233
Format: 12,5 cm x 22,5 cm