World Climbing Images from the edge.

World Climbing
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World Climbing 
Images from the edge.

As modern technical climbing evolves into numerous specialised sub-sports and the hardest climbing is pushed to increasingly high standards, we find an extraordinary, multi-faceted sport being practised

at the most spectacular places on earth.

But what is it all about? What drives climbers to attempt the world's great natural challenges? Where are some of the best places in the world to do it? And how on earth did the Huber brothers manage their record speed ascents of Yosemite's El Capitan? With stunning photography, World Climbing: Images from the Edge gives answers to these questions and much more. World Climbing: Images from the Edge is a visual celebration of modern technical climbing by one of the sport's foremost photographers, Simon Carter. Without Hollywood tricks or special effects, Carter gives us a good, hard honest look at modern technical climbing at its finest.

This extensive work features over ninety different climbers and twenty-nine climbing areas from twelve countries. It covers climbing from its easiest to its hardest but above all its best. So hold on tight as we see how the reality of modern technical climbing is even more amazing than Cliff Hanger and Vertical Limit ever lead us to believe.


Pages: 192
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