Explore the Inca Trail (Rucksack Readers)

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Explore the Inca Trail 

This guide contains everything the walker needs to plan and enjoy hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, choosing from three routes taking from two to seven days. Step-by-step sections cover variations of the four-day Classic Trail from Kilometre 88, the Shortest option from Kilometre 104 and the longer, more strenuous trek from Mollepata.

The book includes:
. drop-down flap with map of all three trails and a detailed site plan of Machu Picchu
. over 7S colour photographs illustrating the trails, wildlife and Inca ruins
. advice on planning and preparation, including fitness training and packing checklist
. medical advice on how to prevent and manage altitude sickness
. background information on Inca culture, the ruins and modern Peru
. information about the Andean wildlife to be seen along the trail
. reference Information and vocabulary in Spanish, Quechua and English

Pages: 64
Size: 14,5cm x 22cm