Natural Wonders of India (UK)

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Natural Wonders of India

(NL) Zeer mooi fotoboek met informatie over de mooiste en gekendste natuurreservaten in India en Nepal.

(UK) India - a country of diverse landscapes stretches from the arid Thar deserts of Rajasthan and stony Rann of Kutch in the northwest, across to massive Himalayan peaks separating neighboring Nepal in the northeast, before sweeping down to the black volcanic lavas of the Decean Plateau, and the western and eastern Ghats lining India's coastline. In between lie forested foothills, lush evergreen bamboo tracts, and damp tropical forests harboring exotically colored orchids, butterflies, birds and insects. Here in 300 splendid photographs supported by factual text, the Natural Wonders of India and Nepal are revealed, proving that this truly is a land of superlatives.

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