Oman, UAE & Arabian Peninsula LP

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Oman, UAE & Arabian Peninsula

Multi-country guide. Arabia packs quite a mythical punch in the West - say the word 'Arabia' and languorous, rose-heady, magic-carpet images rise up like hookah smoke. And when you're standing on the edge of a limitless duned horizon or wandering lonely ruins or haggling for daggers in a souk, you feel like you're inhabiting that romantic world. But Arabia is a complex and fast-moving society - spend some time with its people to get a true feel for the place.

This guide covers: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

* The only guide with independent reviews of everything you need to know about Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar

* Saudi Arabia chapter written by a woman - a world first - with invaluable tips for female travellers

* Dedicated Expats chapter packed with pointers on living in another culture

* All-new special chapter on the Haj, with coverage of Mecca and Medina

Pages: 596
Size: 12,5cm x 19,5cm