Explore Mount Kilimanjaro (Rucksack Readers)

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Explore Mount Kilimanjaro

At 5895 metres (nearly four miles) above sea level, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point on earth to which you can walk. This is a mountain of contrasts and extremes. You start from tropical rain forest and finish in arctic conditions, passing through a landscape formed by ice and fire. Yet any well-prepared walker with enough determination may be able to reach 'the roof of Africa'.

The greatest challenge is the huge altitude gain. The author's advice on preventing altitude sickness is based on medical research, and on her own experience of three ascents by different routes. The guidebook includes:

* drop-down map showing Marangu, Machame and Rongai routes
* advice on planning, preparation, and choosing your route
* practical information on climbing Mount Meru for pre-acclimatisation
* advice on choosing equipment, and packing for easy retrieval
* medical advice on how to prevent and manage altitude symptoms
* background on the geology, history, habitats and wildlife
* full colour throughout, with over 60 photographs.

64pp+4pp map flap
145x210 mm