Overseas Timetable Summer Edition (UK)

Overseas Timetable
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Overseas Timetable 
Summer Edition  (Thomas Cook)

Deze Thomas Cook Overseas Timetable behandeld het openbaar grondvervoer (trein en bus) in Afrika, Azië inclusief Japan, Noord- en Zuid-Amerika en Australië.

We leveren steeds de laatst beschikbare editie.

The Thomas Cook Overseas Timetable covers surface travel throughout the continents of America, Africa, Asia and Australasia - everywhere outside Europe, in fact - with timings for over 11,000 towns and villages. As well as rail timings, it includes a large number of coach and bus services, even local ones in many cities. Ferry and river sailings are shown where appropriate, and there are even services operated by truck in remote regions. Also includes: 30 detailed maps, plans of major cities showing the location of stations, exchange rates, climatic variations, summary of visa requirements.

This Independent Traveller's Edition will be based on the May-June edition of the Overseas Timetable. As well as the rail, bus and ferry timings from the regular edition for almost everywhere outside Europe, this expanded version will also contain the features on Australasia, Japan and South-East Asia from recent editions, and of course the North America feature from the May-June edition.

These features are packed with extra information on transport operators and rail and bus passes, and include useful telephone numbers. There are also extra pages on Health and Safety and Passports and Visas, which include a wealth of country-by-country information.