Nepal Trekking + Climbing (NH)

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25 treks and 12 climbing peaks

This stunning guidebook, covering 25 treks and 12 climbing peaks in the Nepal Himalaya, is an essential tool for both experienced explorers or climbers and first-time trekkers.Each year Nepal receives nearly 1/2 million visitors, with increasing numbers discovering the joys of trekking, spurred on by the challenges set by early mountaineers and the country's own rich mix of cultures. The treks covered in this book run the gamut from classic teahouse routes to newly charted expedition-style routes, while the peaks featured are chosen as a natural highpoint of trekking in a high-altitude region. Information on trekking and climbing styles, ecological concerns and mountain photography is also included.This unique full-colour guide to covers Nepal's climbing peaks in detail. Top-class original mapping and lavish photography feature throughout.

Illustrations: 120 colour photos, 58 colour maps

Pages: 192